OPI Nordic Collection for Fall 2014 Swatches and Review ~ Part One

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Hello gentle reader.

OPI has released the Nordic Collection for Fall, 2014 and, as usual, I couldn't resist. I originally only bought a handful of the polishes in this collection but I ended up caving and getting the rest. I am killing my wallet. Killing it!

The OPI Nordic Collection for Fall is twelve polishes, eleven cremes and one glitter. This collection is heavy on purple, tan/brown and has a few brights tossed into the mix. Honestly, I don't grok the thinking behind the compilation of the colours that went into this collection. While it isn't a bad collection, it doesn't feel well thought out or cohesive, to me. Nor does it feel particularly Fall or Scandinavian. The polishes are good, tho.

I have lots of pictures so I am breaking this up into a few posts because all of it in one would be too much. Too long. And I want you to feel entertained and enabled, not taken hostage.

So, let's get started, shall we?

Going My Way or Norway? A warm, creamy tan. The colour of a field of wheat, ripe for harvest. This is two coats, my ridges slapped it around. Otherwise, the formula is very good. This is not a usual "me" kind of shade... I just bought it to show it. I need to stop doing that.

How Great is Your Dane? I bought this murky, olive-grey creme because I liked the name but I really dig this colour! It is dark, sexy hawtness. This is two coats of easy, breezy, gorgeous to apply.

My Dogsled is a Hybrid is a slightly dusty jade green crelly. This doesn't feel all that Fall-ish to me, gentle reader. It's a beautiful colour and the formula is fantastic. This is three coats, I should have used a ridge filler... My ridges are large and in charge.

Thank Glogg it's Friday is a pretty standard berry crelly with a fuchsia shimmer. This is a shade done over and over all over. The formula is flawless and application is a dream. If you don't have a polish this colour and you are craving, this is the one to grab.

Can't Afjord Not To is a slightly darkened orange creme. Okay, this one can be Fall, Hallowe'en... I can see it. The formula is beautiful but I needed three coats, four on my ring and pinkie. If you have ridges, use a ridge filler, this polish doesn't handle them well.

Do You Have This Color in Stock-holm?  Blurple crelly. This polish is gorgeous and the formula is nearly flawless. This is three coats but it is so easy to apply, you don't even notice.

What do you think of this collection, so far? Have you picked up any of them? See any that you would like to grab? This collection is in wide release, now. You can find OPI at JC Penney salons, Ulta, various beauty supply stores and other retailers that carry OPI.

Please stay tuned for part two.
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