Tarte Sweet Dreams Holiday 2014 Away Oui Go Portable Palette and Collector's Set

Hello gentle reader.

Pack your bags because, Away Oui Go! Buckle up and place your drink order. We are about to reach cruising altitude and you have a long flight ahead. Would you like a pillow? A cocktail? All set? Very good. Just ring if there is anything else you need

Remember when I said that I binged on Tarte holiday goodies? Yeah... I wasn't joking. I went a little overboard. And I'm not one little bit sorry. I am happier than a clam. I love holiday makeup sets. They offer great value for money and they are just so. much. fun! I mean, how can anyone be expected to resist them? And cosmetics companies are so smart to make and release them. Tarte sucked me in as a loyal customer through a holiday set. Anyone remember last year's Gorgeous Getaways set? Yep. I lucked across the final lingering quantities on Ulta's website last year during my mad distraction/retail therapy/Birthday Week shopping. I love it, to this day.

This year's French Holiday themed palette is a thing of beauty. A true feast for the face, eyes and the soul of any lover of things beautiful and utterly girlie! The outer palette packaging is heavyweight paperboard, emblazoned in glossy purple, gold, lilac and mint green. There is so much care and attention to detail put in to this lovely collector's set. 

Open the lid of the Tarte Sweet Dreams Holiday 2014 Away Oui Go Portable Palette and Collector's Set: $48.00 available at Ulta stores and on Ulta's Website - henceforth to be known as "Away Oui Go" because I'm not typing all of that out, every time! - and there is a wonderful collection of beautiful, wearable shades and tones for eyes, cheeks and lips in portable forms.

First, nestled in the gold framed well of the collector's box is four plastic, magnetized mini palettes, each with four coordinating eye shadows and one near full size rectangular Amazonian Clay Blush. Behind each mini palette is a purple satin pull ribbon for easy removal of the mini palette.

Set in the lilac and lavender striped lid is a mint green, quilted, pearl trimmed portable compact with the Tarte logo on a small gold toned plate on top. There are three mini Maracuja Lip Glosses in wearable shades and a deluxe mini Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara.

The shadows and blushes are covered, upon arrival in your home with a plastic slip cover printed with all of the shade names. But fear not! Pull out each nifty, portable little palette and lookie there! The shade names are printed on the back, as well! How much do you love the attention to detail on the packaging of these holiday palettes, gentle reader? Even under the pull out mini palettes it is pretty!

A neutral lover's holiday treat for eyes and cheeks! Now, I admit, if you love and flip for brights, jewel tones and unusual colours, this palette is probably not going to be your cup of tea. However, if you enjoy more neutral, wearable colours, if you delight in browns, greys, stones, taupe and lovely, wearable purples and golds, this is the set for you.

The eye shadows are very good quality. Sometimes, cosmetics companies will put lesser quality makeup in value and holiday sets. (RUDE!) It has been my experience that Tarte doesn't do that. The matte shadows are silky and soft and have excellent pigmentation and payoff. They are a touch powdery but not annoyingly so. The shimmers and more metallic shades are creamy and velvety and the pigmentation and payoff are stellar. They are a little flaky but again, not obnoxiously so.

The four Amazonian Clay Blushes are nearly full size, in very wearable and flattering shades. They feel, swatch, apply and wear just as well as the full size blushes, to me.

Blush swatches! Look how pretty!

Oh shit! I miss spelled "Irresistible" in my photograph! Derp! Dictionary, much? Idiot.

Random shadow swatches of all of the shadows. I just grabbed Q-Tips and started laying them on. I didn't do them in any order or notate their names because #lazyslag. I just wanted you to see how pretty and richly pigmented and smooth these shadows are.

The oh-so-darling Mini Maracuja Lip Glosses. These are the perfect size to pop into a pocket, evening clutch, handbag, makeup bag or carry on. The delivery is not the usual doe foot, it is a small, flexible brush.

Swatched, we see that the three Maracuja Lip Glosses are very neutral/wearable shades that would be flattering to a wide range of skin tones. Paris is rosy red and doesn't have shimmer. Nice is a neutral, brown-pink and is free of any shimmer. Cannes is a sweet carnation pink and has a soft gold fleck. The shimmer is extremely fine, is not overtly sparkly, just adds a lovely glow and light to the lips. You can't feel the particles on or between your lips.

Tarte Maracuja Lip Glosses have a lovely, light mint scent and sweet taste. They are a bit heavier in weight and they are sticky. I know that a lot of people don't like sticky lip gloss. Personally, I don't mind it. I'm one of those odd ducks who likes a stickier gloss, as long as it doesn't glue my lips together or feel uncomfortable or dry my lips out. In spite of the presence of peppermint oil, I don't find these glosses to be drying to my very sensitive lips. This gloss wears very well, the sticky quality allows it to hang in and not need so frequent touch ups. If you aren't into sticky, you will probably pass these along.

Look at the insanely adorable portable palette! The mint green, synthetic material is quilted and stitched and trimmed in little simulated pearls. A gold tone plate shows the Tarte logo. When I opened the lid of my box and saw this little carry away compact, I literally squealed. It is just that stinking sweet!

The carry away compact with one of the lift out mini palettes. A perfect fit and just as secure as you could want it to be. The magnets hold tight but not so much so that it is difficult to remove.

I know what you're thinking... Yeah. But do last year's Gorgeous Getaways mini palettes fit?

Yep! Sure do! See? Snug as a bug in a rug.

Tarte did such a good job on this Holiday set. Away Oui Go is beautiful, fun and at just under fifty dollars, packed to the rafters with value. I suppose, if you were inclined to do so you could break this up and give bits to others as gifts but if you are anything like me, you aren't going to. Nope.

The Tarte Sweet Dreams Holiday 2014 Away Oui Go Portable Palette and Collector's Set would make a lovely, welcome gift for any makeup lover on your gift list. It is also a perfect little spurge and indulgence for yourself. I am so happy that I bought this set. I like it and will get use out of it and just enjoy having it.

If you would like to treat yourself or someone special to the Tarte Away Oui Go set it is available in Ulta stores and on their website, now! I don't know how long it will last, so I do suggest that you get your tail in gear and get it while you can.

Did you pick up this lovely box of goodies? Do you plan to? What do you think of it? Please do tell. I'd like to hear what you think of it.

Thank you for flying Icy Nails Air. I hope that you enjoyed this review and were suitably enabled. Have a lovely day, watch your step and come back and see us, soon. Bye-bye, now.