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Barielle believes that healthy is beautiful. Healthy, well cared for cuticles are beautiful cuticles. Beautiful, healthy cuticles grow more beautiful, healthier looking nails. Barielle has been a leader in salon quality cuticle and nail care and beautiful, fashionable nail colour for over 30 years. Please read their about page to learn all about this innovative and world renowned brand. 

Let's take a look at the products I was privileged to receive and try:

Nail Strengthener Cream $10.00Originally created to condition the hooves of Thoroughbred racehorses, this trusted, legendary formula, with consistent use, helps your nails to grow stronger and resist splitting, peeling and breaking. This cream can be used whether you prefer not to polish and over nail enamel. 

Intensive Nail Renewal Oil $12.50 A beautiful, lightweight oil blend that softens and renews cuticles and nails, replacing the moisture that soap, water and weather strip away. This oil can be applied over bare nails or enamel. Just touch the brush to your cuticles, rub in and let the oil do it's magic. Use this on fingers and toes for perfect manis and pedis. 

Fortifying Nail Builder $16.00 A base coat for stressed, overworked nails with Calcium Fluoride to help bond weak nail layers and free edges. This can be applied every other day as a treatment or used as a base coat. I have noticed that when I use this under my polish, my manicure lasts a little longer. Treatment and longer lasing polish? Score!

Hydrating Ridge Filler $16.00 Create perfection with this silk fiber enriched, moisturizing base coat that helps moisturize dry, brittle nails as is protects against breakage as it fills ridges and other surface imperfections. This ridge filling base coat works great on my nails. It smooths my ridges creating smoother, prettier nail surfaces for polish application. It also helps my polish to adhere a little better and last a little longer. I like to use two coats of this ridge filler on my very deeply ridged nails, like my ring and pinkie nails.

My nails, with just the Fortifying Nail Builder. My cuticles treated with Nail Strengthener Cream and Intensive Nail Renewal Oil. My nails have a good shape but they aren't in very good shape. My nails have been through it in the last year, I'm not going in to it. I will say that I am working on them. Consistent use of these products is helping, but progress is slow. I am grateful to have these lovely treatments to help my cuticles look and feel their very best and grow the best nails I possibly can. Good topical treatments and beautiful polishes can take it from there.

A nice manicure is only enhanced by my cuticles looking and feeling their very best. Routine cuticle care and use of my Barielle Nail Care Products makes it easy.

Barielle products are free of Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBT. Barielle is cruelty free. Shop Barielle Nail Care, here. Barielle nail care and colour can also be found at fine retailers nationwide.

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