Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil ~ Bouquet

Hello gentle reader.


Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil  is a long lasting matte lip colour made with nurturing food grade ingredients that are good enough to eat. This lip colour contains the super antioxidant resveratrol, which claims to fight free radicals with potent long term anti aging benefits. Each pencil has the resveratrol found in five glasses of wine. These pencils are formulated free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetics, polybutenes and petroleum byproducts.

I bought the shade Bouquet, a lovely neutral peach/pink. There were others I was interested in but at $24.00 each, I thought that I had better pick up a colour that I would reach for and use, most often. And let's be honest. I use neutrals most often. 

Bite Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil  is packaged in a matte black twist up cylinder. Thank you, Bite for not making us sharpen this! The end cap shows the colour of the product inside. The lip colour it's self comes to a fairly precise point, when new. Unfortunately, it wears down, loses that lovely precision after a few uses. 

This lip product applies creamy dreamy easy without tugging or dragging at the lips. It goes where you want it to, settles into place and just sits there. It doesn't slide, slither or move. As a woman of a certain number of years... Okay. I'm pushing fifty, in a week or two... I have those annoying little lines around my lips that just cry out for lippies to jump my barrier pencil, go traveling all up into them and make me look like some kind of clown car freak. This lip product, for the most part resists that siren song. Even after hours of wear there was very, very little migration into my little vertical lip lines. Colour me highly impressed. 

This lippie is basically scent neutral, it has a slight natural wax scent that swiftly dissipates after application. There isn't much in the way of taste, either. I detected a very, very faint vanilla flavor when I touched with with my tongue. There was an equally faint sweetness. 

Wear time on this lippie is impressive. I wore this for hours and only touched it up once, after I sucked down a huge latte. I could probably have gotten away with just pressing my lips together to rearrange the colour a bit, if my lips weren't so red but since they are, I needed a little bit more product to get the colour nice and even and smooth and cover my natural pigment, again. 

Some matte or demi matte lippies have that annoying tendency to break apart and clump off. This lip pencil doesn't do that. It remains smooth and uniform the entire time it is on the lips. I noticed only slight breaking and fading at the moisture line, but that isn't obvious to the causal observer. No one is getting up that close to my grill.

The comfort factor provided by this lip pencil is stellar. My lips have a medical condition and are very sensitive and many lip products I used to be able to wear I no longer can. This product kept them happy, moisturized and peaceful all the time they wore this colour. I had no dryness or sensitivity or irritation upon removal. Just calm, joyful lips. 

On my lips. The only liner I used was a quick application of my customary clear barrier pencil. After hours of wear, my lip line looked almost as pristine as it does, in this photo taken about half an hour after initial application. Sorry, no full face shots. I took some but no way. 

I love Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Bouquet. It delivers on colour, wear, comfort, moisture. Yes, at $24.00 it is a tad on the spendy side. I certainly can't afford to run out and buy one in every shade but when this one is used up, I will definitely replace it. My experience with this lip pencil is so happy that I want to try other Bite Beauty lippies, when my budget allows. 

Do you own and wear Bite Beauty lip products? Which are your favorites? Recommend and enable me, please.

Bite Beauty is cruelty free.