Orly Mirrorball

Hello gentle reader.

The Orly Sparkle Collection for Holiday, 2014 is quite a stunner. So much so that I bought all six. Today, I am sharing one with you.

Orly Mirrorball is an incredibly beautiful slightly blue tinted silver linear holographic with tiny holographic glitter pieces mixed in. The sparkle and rainbow effect from that combination is simply magical. This polish shines, dances, sparkles and glows, all at once. It is amazing.

This manicure is two coats of Orly Mirrorball over base coat and Barielle ridge filler topped with Seche Vite. My photographs don't do this polish justice, but I tried.

Indoors, under my lights.

Outdoors in the sun.

And one more in the sun.

You really need to put this on your nails and let it enchant you in person to get the full effect. Trust me, that is a feat of which it is fully capable.

The formula on Orly Mirrorball is just as fabulous as the polish is gorgeous. Smooth, jelly, easy to apply, it sits down where it is placed, slinks up the nail and self levels like a dream. I didn't experience any difficulty with running, pooling, bubbling or dragging. I only had to do fussbudget refining cleanup. Top coat (I use Seche Vite) doesn't dull the holo. Don't hesitate to apply it for maximum sparkle and shine.

Dry time isn't super fast, even with Seche Vite, I needed to be a little patient with this baby but it was worth the extra dry time. Wear time is pretty good. I smashed my left middle nail into my chair arm and chipped my polish (I smacked the nail so hard, I'm lucky I didn't break it!) but the rest of my nails, on day three of this manicure are looking fine.

What do you think of Orly Mirrorball? Isn't it gorge? Did you get it, yet? Plan to? Please do tell.


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