Paint Shop Polish Swatches and Review

Hello gentle reader.

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Paint Shop Polish  is a new to me indie polish brand. Handcrafted, five free, and cruelty free, this brand features a variety of finishes including shimmers, semi matte, duochromes, toppers and of course, glitter fun.

I have three polishes from Paint Shop Polish to share with you, today. Let's take a look at them.

Naughty List.  5 mL Mini $6.00, 15 mL Full Size $10.50  A delicate, semi sheer blurple jelly with a beautiful pink and lavender shift depending on the light, is accented with tiny, scattered holographic sparks. This is three coats and top coat, over a clear base coat. It photographed a bit more translucent than it appears in person. I wore this swatch for four days, without wrapping my tips, I had only normal tip wear, no chips. I was seriously impressed with the way this ethereal polish wore for me!

Naughty List, one coat over Cult Nails Nakizzle's Shizzle, with top coat. This is a beautiful layering polish, as well. This polish applies like a dream, it sits sweetly down where it is placed, it doesn't run, streak, drag, pool or bubble. Dry time is respectable, especially with a good quick dry top coat. As I said earlier, I got very good wear time out of the swatch I test wore.

Hellcat 5 mL Mini $5.50 15 mL Full Size $10.00 This absolutely adorable black leopard feature glitter mix is a purrrfect accent to any creme or shimmer base colour you might choose to wear. I have swatched it over OPI Alpine Snow and topped it with Seche Vite. A clear base is swimming with matte black tiny, medium hex, jumbo rounds, random shreds and leopard shaped feature pieces. I am not the biggest fan of animal prints but I have to say, I love the way this looks. I didn't want to remove this swatch after I wear tested it!

Minted Mouse 5 mL Mini $5.50 15 mL Full Size $10.00 I squealed when I saw this simply darling glitter polish come rolling out of it's shipping cocoon. Mousies! Red and white mousies! And square and round and hex glitters in red and white. I admit it. I am a complete sucker for the cute. This is serious cute. I swatched this glitter over OPI Mod About You! and topped it all with Seche Vite.

Okay, gentle reader. We need to talk about the formula on these glitters. I had a bit of a time with them. I had to pull a lot of the polish out of the bottles with the brush and wand, clean it off onto a bit of foil and spend time painstakingly placing most of the glitter pieces onto my nails. I expect to have to fish for feature glitters like stars, hearts and so on but the background glitter should be easier to work with. It should load onto the brush and apply with little trouble, maybe a bit of patting and coaxing onto the nail. Just using the brush, I barely got any glitter at all and I think that was because these are mini bottles and the ratio of glitter to base is lower.

I strongly recommend that you buy full sized bottles of the glitters. In my experience, full sized bottles have more glitter to base and they are just easier to work with and apply. Otherwise, the formula was good. These glitters dry fast and wear well. They are smooth and glossy with just one generous coat of top coat.

Paint Shop Polish is a lovely indie brand. Pretty polishes, good formulas, five free and cruelty free and reasonable prices. I recommend them. I do suggest that glitters be purchased in full sized bottles for easiest application.

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What do you think of Paint Shop Polish? Do you own any of their pretty polishes? See any that you might like to? Please do tell.
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