Shiseido Facial Cotton: An Affordable Little Luxury

Hello gentle reader.

I was recently placing an order on Sephora for a little something and I needed to add about eight dollars and change to get to free shipping. Now, I know what you're thinking. I thought the the same thing. What can I buy that's cheap to get me to free shipping and not go too much over that amount? Not...

Shipping is only six clams. I can save three by checking out, now. Nope. My brain doesn't work that way.

I decided to go through my Loves List and see if I had anything on it that would do the trick. There were a couple of items. I went back and forth between them and settled on Shiseido Facial Cotton. I have read and seen on YouTube glowing reviews of this cotton. And, at just under ten dollars for 165 generously sized, exquisitely soft rectangles, I thought, why not? I tossed it into my cart.

I figured that I could use them, compare them to my favorite, perfectly nice drugstore cotton rounds, do a post, enjoy them then go back to my old faithfuls and be done with it. 

The first thing I noticed upon receiving and opening my package of Shiseido Facial Cotton was just how incredibly soft the surface of the cotton is. And when I say soft, I mean soft. Soft, smooth and silk like in texture. There is absolutely no catch or scratch. Just heavenly softness. The next thing I noticed is the size. These rectangles are generously sized. They are a good bit larger than my favorite drugstore cotton rounds. They are also a bit thicker, more plush.

As drugstore cotton rounds go, the Studio 35 from Walgreen's are very good. They are organic cotton and, until I experienced the Shiseido, I thought, very soft and nice for removing eye makeup and applying various lotions and potions to my face.

I am not exaggerating when I say that there is simply no comparison. You can see the difference in my photograph. The round is slightly rougher, the Shiseido, smoother.

Size: The Shiseido is larger and slightly thicker. Construction: The Shiseido is sturdier and holds together better and there is less shedding of fibers as it is being used. Feel: This is where the rubber meets the road, gentle reader. I was perfectly happy with my old cotton rounds. I thought that they were very soft and perfectly nice until I got my hands on Shiseido Facial Cotton. Now, I know what soft facial cotton really feels like. As I said, there really is no comparison.

I have a backstock of the Studio 35 Organic Cotton Rounds that I had stocked up on when they were on sale. They have been transferred to my nail supplies drawer for polish removal. I used the Shiesido cotton once and that was it. I am done with the other as far as my face is concerned.

I know that at ten dollars a pack, Shiseido Facial Cotton is hardly cheap but I look at it this way... The Studio 35 rounds are about four dollars and change (in my area) for a tube pack of 80. Two tubes is 160, eight-nine dollars. The Shiseido is 165 for ten dollars. Only a dollar or so more for five more exquisitely soft rectangles. And... Since I needed to add the package to get free shipping, if you deduct the six dollars that the shipping would have cost me, the whole glorious package was really only about four dollars.

You're probably doing this:

Yeah. Logic and Math brought to you by Erika, your friendly neighborhood beauty blogger. Don't try to understand it. Don't fight it. Just accept, embrace and roll with it. It's easier that way.

Oh! There is one other great reason to use the Shiseido Facial Cotton for removing my eye makeup. Not only is it softer and more luxurious on my delicate flower face, on average, I only need one to remove all of my eye makeup where I usually need two of my my drugstore rounds. So, I'm actualy using fewer cottons, each time.

Convinced? Want to try Shiseido Facial Cotton? You can get it on the Sephora website. Nordstrom website (I think in store?) and other places/sites that carry Shiseido.

Do you use Shiseido Facial Cotton? Are you convinced, as I have become that it is worth a little more? That the exquisite softness is an affordable little luxury we all deserve? Are you convinced that I am certifiable? Please do tell.