BITE Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil Holiday Gift Set

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Okay, this is a jerk move. I know. This BITE Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencil Gift Set is no longer available. You may take me out and beat me. But I'm excited about BITE Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencils, in general. I happen to be a huge fan of these lippies so I am sharing this set with you because two of the shades in this gift set are available in the permanent line. So... BITE me. See what I did there? #clevergirl

Sold at Sephora, this darling little giftable set was priced at a very reasonable $25.00 and was so adorably packaged. First was the outer slip cover, with a photograph of the four lip pencils, embossed with shiny fuchsia snowflakes.

Inside the slip cover was a bright red candy sized tin with a slightly rubberized texture and the BITE logo in raised relief on the lid. This tin now lives in my handbag, it is holding all of my loose change.

When I opened the lid, in the upper portion is a full sized mirror. In the lower half of the tin, wrapped in white vellum printed in red with the BITE logo were four snack sized High Pigment Lip Pencils. Two are permanent shades, two seem to be just in this set.

Look at these adorable snack sized pencils. Just look at them! The coloured ends kind of match the colour of the lippie within. Kind of. More on that, later. These pencils are perfectly portable; they are the exact right size to pop into a wallet, clutch bag for the evening or stuff into your already bulging makeup bag in your already bulging handbag. While these pencils are petite, they don't skimp on quality and impact on your lips!

Swatches on my hand. Look at how smooth and creamy these babies are! I didn't have to struggle to draw these happy, smiley faces, gentle reader. They practically drew themselves. These four shades are very neutral, wearable and I feel, pretty flattering to a wide range of skin tones.

Sable is a soft, neutral pink/nude. The end of the pencil looks pretty scary. Brown/nude. When I first saw that pencil, my gut reaction was, "Aw, hell NO!" Then, I popped off the top and realized that the end cap was very much not what was inside the tube. *big sigh of relief* This has become a fave, I reach for this when I want a quick, easy, pretty lip that I can splash on and not think about for hours, on end. BITE really needs to make this a permanent shade. STAT!

Pomegranate is a rich, true, beautifully balanced red that I feel would flatter many. I have worn this a couple of times, now and I have to say, I'm starting to really enjoy sporting a bolder lip. This is a permanent shade.

Winterberry is a clean, cool plum. This is delicious. And another shade I think that BITE should add to their permanent line. While this one isn't available, a similar one seems to be Amarone.

Then there is Rhubarb. This beautiful rosy plum swatched a little to the brown side on my hand but goes definitely rosy on my very red lips. Yay for that, as I don't like brown lippies, myself. ***mmm... Peach Tea Diet Snapple...*** This is another permanent shade so if you like the look of it, you can have it.

As with the full sized BITE Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencils these snack sized beauties are every bit  the high quality, intense pigmentation, gorgeous shades and tones, lovely hydration, long, comfortable wear. BITE doesn't skimp on the quality when they go petite for their giftie sized goodies.

I like to wear these with a good clear barrier pencil to keep things in place because #verticalliplines are a thing for me. These wear for me for hours without worrying about touchups or having them crawl all over my face or ending up all over my teeth. They are moisturizing and when I take them off, my lips and soft and happy and ready to have them back on, the next day, if I choose.

You can find BITE Beauty High Pigment Lip Pencils and other scrumptious BITE lip beautifiers on the Sephora website and in their stores. If you really wanted this mini lip pencil set, tho it is sold out online, there may be some left in random stores. I would suggest trying out of the way Sephora stores or Sephora in JC Penney locations and so on. You never know... You might get lucky.

Do you love and wear BITE? Did you get this set? Please do tell.

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