China Glaze All Aboard Swatches and Review ~ Part Two

I finally got my China Glaze All Aboard cremes and glitter photos together and ready to go and it is time to present part two of my swatch and review fest of this incredible collection. There are lots of photos, so I am going to put in a page jump, see if it makes it easier for everyone to read.

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Let us begin with Loco - Motive, the glitter polish in this collection. 

I wish to begin here because it will be featured, topping all of the polishes to come. Loco - Motive is a charcoal grey, red and coppery glitter mix with the odd large white piece in a clear base. This is a topper, it doesn't easily get to opaque. I swatched this on a nail wheel and even at three coats, it wasn't even close. The formula and application of this glitter is very good. It dries in good time and one generous coat of Seche Vite brought it to glossy, sparkling perfection. As pretty as this is over white, wait until you see it over the cremes in this collection!

Don't Get De Railed. Just stay on track, mmkay? 

How do you like this slightly murky Army green creme? I like it, just fine, thank you, very much. Even tho it gives me lobster claws. (Thank you editing software, for letting me fix my skin tone!) This is two coats. The formula was so gorgeous. 

And with Loco - Motive on top.

What are You A - Freight Of? . Surely not the fact that I fucking misspelled "freight" in my photographs! Ugh. Too late now. I already cleared my recycle bin. My garbage photos are gone. Witness my brainlessness. I'm leaving it. It's a good lesson to my future self to be more careful. 

Idiot. I am an idiot. But I am smart enough to know that this rich, delicious chocolate cherry creme applies like a dream and is absolutely perfect in two coats. If you are looking for a deeper polish but are not ready to go too "edgy" this may just be a great choice. Dark, rich, not at all scary. 

And with Loco- Motive on top. This combo is dynamite! I posted a quick shot of this on my Instagram while I was swatching these polishes and people seemed to like. 

All Aboard. If you like Lavender...

This softly greyed down lavender creme is going to be all over your nails, all Fall and Winter, long. This is two coats. Formula, perfect. 

Topped with Loco - Motive. 

Macro! Because I like doing these.

Well Trained. Kind of like my husband. *insert evil grin, here*

This beautiful teal blue creme swatch is... Wait for it... One. Coat. Yep. You heard me right, gentle reader. One coat! Applied carefully, as you must apply this carefully or pay the price! This polish is a one coat wonder. Okay, tiny, thin extra bit over my ridgy areas on my ring and pinkie nails. Even this polish can't do my ridges in one coat.

Wearing, you guessed it! Loco - Motive.

And finally, we have the polish in this collection that is, for me, the true wonder, the stand out, the prize. Say hello to:

One Track Mind. As anyone who has read here any amount of time probably knows, one polish I have forever been on the lookout for is a cobalt blue jelly that looks like dark blue bottle glass in a sunny windowsill.

I think I found it! One Track Mind is a glorious, highly pigmented cobalt blue jelly that, in one coat, looks like a film of translucent cobalt blue glass on my nails. My mind is blown, my eyeballs are on the floor. Yes, there are tiny variations. I. Don't. Care. Just makes it look even more like the glass I covet. Every time I look at this picture, my heart skips a little beat. If you prefer a flawless, completely opaque finish, a second coat would render that. 

This polish is a little on the runny side and it is very pigmented... Be careful! It will grab on to any bit of skin and it stains! If you need to do cleanup, blot your brush very well after dipping into your acetone and try to keep the thinned polish off of your cuticles. And when you remove this, soften it for a few seconds and pull it straight off the nail or it will well and truly smurf your ass. All of the caveats aside, I still say that this is the beauty of the collection. My favorite. And sometimes, a little danger just makes the beauty all the more worth it! Kinda like me... 

Yeah. Right. 

And here is One Track Mind with Loco - Motive. 

I think I forgot to mention that all of these swatches were topped with Seche Vite. As always. 

So, there we have it. The final beauties of the indisputably gorgeous China Glaze All Aboard Collection for Fall, 2014. What do you think? Do you love? Want? Did you snap up lots of them? Are you as out of control as I am and buy all of them? Share! Share! No judgement, here. 

Say, what did you think of the page jump? I'm not wild about them, myself but a lot of my fellow bloggers utilize them and I have heard that they make reading long, photo heavy posts an easier thing for those on mobile or slower connections. Would you do me a little favor? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think of the jump? Do you like it? Not like it? Did it make reading this long, photo heavy post easier for you or did it drive you nuts? I'd really love your honest feedback. Thanks! 
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