Easy New Year's Eve Nail Look

The New Year is approaching, fast. Parties, a night with your special someone, a family evening playing games and watching videos until the clock strikes midnight...

Whatever our plans, we all want to look great and feel festive and sparkly on that evening. Here is a quick idea for your nails. No artistic talent is required, no special skills. Just two polishes; a rich, deep toned creme and a contrasting glitter. Then top it all with a high shine, quick dry top coat for maximum sparkle and flash. For this look I used China Glaze De - Light over China Glaze Out Like a Light. I love the sparkly, high shine glam of the gold glitter mix in De -Light topping the deep, greyed green of Out Like a Light. I finished with good old Seche Vite.

You can use just about any polish and glitter combination but for maximum impact, choose polishes with plenty of contrast. Also, don't be afraid to try what might seem to be an unusual combination. I didn't think that these two polishes would work together. I just threw this glitter over this creme for the hell of it and I think that they are dynamite, together.

What are you doing for the New Year? Decided what you're doing with your nails, yet? 


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