Urban Decay Vice 3 Eye Shadow Palette

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Have you snapped up the Urban Decay Vice 3 Eye Shadow Palette yet? This third instillation in the wildly popular Urban Decay Vice eye shadow palette series is, in my opinion, the best of the three and the only one I was tempted to buy for myself.

Priced at $60.00, this limited edition eye shadow palette was a wonderful addition to my makeup  collection. I know that this palette had been reviewed up the ying yang by the time I finally got mine,  but I didn't much care, I wanted  to share my thoughts on this palette so here they are.

From the box, the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette is tucked snugly in a synthetic fabric zip top makeup pouch. The pouch is black with the Urban Decay logo and the Vice 3 sunset splashed across it. This zip pouch wold be handy for travel, it would hold quite a bit of makeup, a handful of brushes. It lies flat and doesn't take up any room for storage when not in use.

This palette's packaging is pure Urban Decay. This slender silver and shiny lime green metallic plastic palette looks very urban and contemporary but harkens back to the decadence, the neon bright colours and the sunset glamour of the Eighties. On the front of the palette is the subtle sunset pattern and emblazoned across the lid in a brilliant, neon green plastic jewel, "vice."

Open the lid with a securely magnetized closure and inside the upper well is the obligatory mirror. This one is big; if you are traveling with this palette, this mirror, with good lighting, can serve as your full face makeup mirror. In the lower portion of the palette is twenty brand new, exclusive to this palette eye shadow shades. Also included is a shorty, double ended synthetic eye shadow application brush. Blech. You know my opinion on double ended brushes... I quickly decided which end of this brush would best serve me, grabbed my scissors and gave that sucker a hair cut. Urban Decay, (because they totally read my blog!) stahp! with the junky double ended brushes! Just give us a great single ended brush. Or, better yet, a beautiful, coordinating eye liner or a great lip gloss or a full sized Primer Potion..

Okay, moving on.

 Look at these beautiful colours! There are soft, subtle neutral mattes. Rich, neutral shimmers. Polished, shining metallics. Fun, inspiring jewel tones and brights. I am so impressed and happy with the range of colours, shades and finishes in this palette. Urban Decay put a lot of thought in to this palette and they did a fantastic job on it. Let's take a look at swatches, shall we?

All of these shadows are swatched over primer, as I always wear shadow with primer. These swatches are in row order, left to right, top to bottom as you are facing the screen.

Truth: A soft matte light pink.
Undone: Matte, warm coral.
Downfall: Softly satin saddle tan.
DTF: Plummy rose matte with a floating gold shimmer.

Dragon: Brilliant emerald green metallic with a gold undertone.
Freeze: Ice blue shimmer with a hint of grey.
Heroine: Deep purple satin with blue and pink floating sparkle.
Brokedown: Bright, polished brass metallic.

Vanity: Purple shimmer with a gold floating sparkle.
Lucky: 18 Karat gold metallic shimmer.
Reign: Warm brown/bronze shimmer.
Bobby Dazzle: Frosty, semi sheer icy white shimmer.

Alien: Bubble gum pink satin with a floating gold radiance.
Alchemy: Fuchsia shimmer.
Bondage: Deep Merlot shimmer.
Sonic: Coral shimmer with a floating melon metallic shimmer.

Last Sin: Sin... All grown up and ready for action.
Angel: Rich taupe shimmer.
Defy: Dark chocolate plum satin matte.
Revolver: Gunmetal grey shimmer.

My thoughts overall:

Almost all of the shadows in the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette  are nicely pigmented and have wonderful payoff on the eye. The mattes are creamy and smooth, if a tad powdery. A few of the shimmer/metallic shades are a little flaky but not to a bothersome degree. I do suggest that as with any eye shadows, if you are going to do a super intense, dark or very bright eye look that you do your eyes, first, deal with any fallout then apply your face makeup. But for day to day, regular wear these shadows are easy to handle and they don't give any trouble.

My only real dog in this bunch is Bobby Dazzle. This semi sheer, frosty, sparkly, crumbly mess would have been better replaced by a jam up smooth, buttery ivory satin or matte highlight. I find Bobby Dazzle to be pretty much useless and I don't like it.

I took pictures of these shadows in action, a little while back. I used shadows from the last and first rows for this wearable, smoked out look. My liner is Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Smoke. Mascara is one coat of Dolce & Gabbana Passion Eyes Duo Mascara. This mascara rocks!

These shadows work great for maturing, even hooded eyes! If you are of a certain age and want the Urban Decay Vice 3 Eye Shadow Palette go for it! This palette isn't just for the kids, gentle reader. It is great for anyone, any age.

The Urban Decay Vice 3 Eye Shadow Palette is once again available for sale! You can get it on the Urban Decay Website, I am happy that I bought this palette and and I reach for it often. It's a good one and if you wanted it, the first time it went around and were kicking yourself for not snapping it up, now's your chance! Go get it!

Do you own this palette? What do you think of it?

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  1. What a nice palette mixed with neutrals and some fun unique shades.

  2. You had me at eighties! Weirdly enough, I love the fashions and looks from that era. Maybe because I was born in that decade LOL. I love Alien and Bondage but you are so right about Bobby Dazzle. WHYYYYY do brands add this atrocious shadow and its lookalikes in palettes? Ban it already! Loving the mascara and your EOTD.

  3. This palette is PRETTY! I wish I could justify the purchase.

  4. This was the first Vice palette I bought. Dragon is an fave for me in this palette- I don't have another vibrant green like it! I need to play with some of the other colors. Love the look - your brows are on point!

  5. The green and gold e/s look so holiday-ish! I'd wear 'em for Christmas for fun sake!

  6. Last Sin and Angela = LOVE! You look gorgeous as usual!

  7. This palette looks so cool! I'm especially loving the pinks.

  8. I LOVE this palette! Great swatches!

  9. YES to all things Vice 3. Your swatches are beautiful!

  10. My favorite look of yours yet! The vice palette is such a great all in one for every look possible!

  11. Thank you. :) This is an excellent palette. :D

  12. Thank you so much. :) I agree.

  13. The pinks are wonderful. They don't make me look as if I have pink eye. LOL I wore them on Thanksgiving. :D

  14. Those are tow GORGEOUS shadows! Aw, thank you.

  15. I almost did. Went with some soft inky-peach in my Narsissist palette, instead. :D

  16. Yes, they are! I love this palette.

  17. As pretty as it is in photos... In person it is Rawr!

  18. I love those pinks! I wore them on Thanksgiving and they made such a pretty look.

  19. This is my first Vice, as well. I wasn't turned on by the others. I LOVE Dragon. For reasons. :D You are very kind... My brows are a huge sore spot for me. LOL

  20. It isn't cheap. I had a coupon and some rewards points that brought the price down and made it easier to swallow. I try to splurge on palettes when there are sales and I have coupons and so on. :D

  21. Hee! I was coming of age in the eighties. I am nostalgic but I don't need to go back. lol I wish that they had replaced that stupid Bobby Dazzle with a great ivory matte for highlight. BD is junk. :P

  22. It's fantastic. I love that palette.

  23. Beautiful look! This palette is gorgeous; I was dead set on getting the Smashbox Double Exposure palette, but now I might want this one instead!


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