As I have blogged here, my focus and scope has expanded and grown to embrace not just nail polish, which I still love and adore but also skin care, makeup, bath and body. Even a little lifestyle and home. 

I feel that the time has come. To take those steps out of the primordial goo, allow my lungs to take those first painful gasps and evolve. I am ready to grow and take this blog beyond what it has been and for that to happen, a few things need to happen. 

A new name. 

A new domain.

A new brand.

Eventually, a new home on a new platform. 

Don't worry, I will still be me. I'm not going anywhere. My horrid grammar and crazy hyperbole are never going to let you down. I just want the old blog to be fresh, perked up, have a little more style, more... Panache. A dash of attitude, a splash of gravitas. 

I will be expanding the scope of my blog to encompass not only beauty, which will remain my main focus but some lifestyle. Particularly Empty Nesting It, as I am fifty, and my son is grown and has flown the coop. Don't expect gorgeous cuisine, tho. Mama can't cook. 

I am excited for these changes and I hope that you, my gentle reader will come along with me for the ride. I will do my best to warn you in advance before I pull the trigger on each step. I will provide links and ways to find me once moves are made. I have no idea what I'm doing... I am a total tech idiot and I hope I don't explode my blog in the process! 

I can do this!

Just breathe!


**stop yapping and get on with it, already**