Phase Two is Complete!

If you are reading this, the redirects are working for everyone, not just me and somehow, miraculously, I managed to point this blog to my domain without imploding it, in the process.

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 It was quite the drama, redirecting this blog, let me tell you. First... The new name. I agonized  over it. Back and forth, this one, then that one and oh! the dramz!

I went back and forth and I was convinced that I was going to pick another really bad, cornball name and that no one would want to read my blog and I would be forever

Finally I landed on the name you see, above. I'm very happy with it. And I got lovely feedback on it, too. I think it just... Goes with me and will work nicely into the future of this blog, morphing smoothly in whatever directions I travel.

So, once I had my name picked out and FINALLY settled on, it was time to face my fear, bite the bullet, stop being a huge panty waist and buy my domain and move this pile of rust on down the road. Buying my domain was pretty painless. Even this idiot got through that process smoothly. Then came the hairy part... Pointing my blog in it's new direction.

I was so nervous! I was literally shaking.

But I pulled up my big girl panties and got to work. I followed the directions to the letter gentle reader. To. The. Letter. I am very good at following directions. It should have been the five minute breeze I was assured it would be. Uhhh...

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Didn't work.

All I got was error message after error message after error message. What was I doing wrong? I repeated the process... It must have been at least thirty times in the span of two and a half hours. Oh no. I'm not kidding. And, as much as I just wanted to,

I didn't. I just sat and tried, over and over. I wanted to take a break, wouldn't let myself. I'm tenacious. Once I get my teeth into something, I'm going to finish it, if I have to kill it. And come hell or high water, no matter the hour or the pounding in my head, this blog was going to point to it's new domain, dammit! But point, it wouldn't. I knew that I was following the directions. I knew that I was doing things correctly so why wasn't it working?

After about the oh... What felt like millionth attempt but in reality was I think about number thirty, a little voice in the back of my head said, "Psst! Hey, Dipshit! Have you tried looking at the bottom of your domain's manager screen for a Save button?" Oh yeah. You know it. HOURS I worked. Never scrolled the screen to check for a Save button.

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I hit that little bugger so fast and what do you know. My changes locked in. Well, duh!

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Exhausted, excited, hopeful, I went back to my blog's Settings page that had the set up and error message that had been mocking me so relentlessly for so very long and I hit that save button and...

Victory is mine! Victory is mine! Great Day in the morning people! Victory is mine! Yes, this is an unbearable blog post.

And I am feeling quite pleased with myself.

Now comes the fun of a new template, time to spruce up the place, methinks. And I need to do a few other changes. Oh! Facebook? My fan page? That is some fuckery I'll get in to later. I'm pissed to the gills and ready burn some shit down. But, I have a plan. Facebook will not defeat me. Oh, no.

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I hope that you will bear with me a while longer while I get things settled in. It may get a little weird, a little wonky may look a little strange around here for a while but once the dust clears, I hope to have a nice place for us all to hang out.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience. Oh! If you can't comment, just yet, hang in. I'm migrating Disqus. It will be a little while. Hopefully not too long.


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