Say Goodbye to Flat Hair with Voloom!

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The Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron is the first ever of it's kind. This patented heat styling tool was created solely to impart volume and lift to your hair! Not a straightener, not a curling iron, this breakthrough design is unlike anything you have ever tried, before.

Slide open the red and white box and nestled inside is the Voloom Iron, a heat resistant travel envelope, a styling brush and three grip clips. Can I just say, I love these grip clips? They are so good. They hold hair like a boss. Since I received them, my other sectioning clips have been languishing, unloved in the drawer. I wouldn't mind having a few more... Moving on.

From the outside, the Voloom iron looks like a straightening iron, but slide the lock mechanism and allow the iron to open and you will see the true nature of this innovative new styling tool.

The aluminum plates are formed into an interlocking waffle pattern that, when clamped firmly and ever so briefly on sections of the under layers of your hair, creates a hidden support system that gives your tresses beautiful volume and lift that can last for days.

Just think, now you can add gorgeous body and bounce to your style without thick, gloopy products that can weigh down fine hair and no teasing and back combing. And forget about the choking clouds of hairspray!

So, how does it work? It's pretty easy, actually. Just part your hair as normal, use the tail of the special styling brush that comes with your Voloom Iron to create sections in your hair and use the included grip clips to hold your hair up out of the way. Plug in your Voloom Iron and set the temperature best suited to your own hair. The included instruction leaflet will give you a good idea of what setting you will need. I go for a lower temperature as I have fine, maturing hair that is highlighted and coloured. I like 345 degrees. This iron heats up fast. It's ready to go in a moment!

Once the iron is ready, lift your prepared section, get the iron in as close to your scalp as possible without touching or burning your scalp and clamp the iron closed. Immediately release and move down the section to untreated hair and repeat two to three times or more, depending on your hair length. Go on around your head, then drop the next layer and repeat. Leave the top layer untreated. Drop it, shake, fluff with your fingers, lightly brush, if desired and revel in your bouncy, volumized hair.

I tried it the first time... I admit, I just quickly read the directions, I didn't watch the video on YouTube or the Voloom website. Learning curve! I left the iron clamped on my hair too long and I ended up with not so much body as breakfast. Belgian waffles, anyone? Please pass the syrup.

A quick updo got me through that day with dignity. I must say, I love an updo after using my Volom! I did a French twist in about thirty seconds and had lovely volume at my crown and didn't need even a puff of hairspray, all day.

So, a few days later. Attempt number two:

Freshly washed and blow dried hair. I ran a flat iron over it, really quick, just to kill a few persistent wavy spots that my blow drier didn't get. I have naturally very wurly hair, blowing it dry doesn't get it all smooth.

After using my Voloom, This time, doing it right and not turning my hair into breakfast food. Just look at that lovely volume and lift! Woo-hoo!

After grabbing my curling iron and running it through big sections to add some wave and curve. Usually, by this time, my crown has gone flat and my hair just looks dragged down and sad. But it still looks full and voluminous. Yesssss!!

Gentle reader, I am a skeptic about gadgets that make claims like the claims made about the Voloom. When I saw this in other blogs, I was intrigued but didn't really believe that it would be all that great. Well, I'm a believer, now. I honestly like this tool. It works. It does what it says it will do, it does it easily, quickly and effectively. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to receive and try this iron and I recommend it.

You can buy the Voloom for $129.99 with free shipping and handling. They are offering three easy payments of $43.33 each. There is a risk free thirty day trial. See the website for full details.

You can visit Voloom on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter. Hang out with them  on Instagram and Pinterest. How to videos are on their YouTube.

What do you think of the Voloom? Are you intrigued? Think that you might pick one up and get Voloom - inious hair? Do you aready own one of these terrific gadgets? Do you love it? Please do tell. I'd love to hear how you feel about it.

Wow. This blog post is just way too much of my face!

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