Six Beauty Goals for 2015

My Beauty Resolutions Goals for 2015 are simple and straightforward.

Gentle reader, I don't do resolutions... I find them too easy to brush off and to break. It is far too easy to open my hand and let them fly off into the wind like dandelion fluff. Goals, I find a little harder to ignore. Goals just feel more reachable, for me. So goals, it is. 

What are my beauty goals for 2015?

1. More Masking! I am pretty damned good about my skin care; I cleanse, never sleep in my makeup, use serums like I am getting paid for it, I moisturize like a fiend and I try to protect my skin from the sun. Where I fall down on the job is masking. I know that masking can infuse more moisture into my maturing, very dry skin helping it to look and feel better. 

2. Finally Find a Holy Grail Under Eye Corrector! Dark circles are an unavoidable part of my life. I have fair skin, it is thin, maturing and dry under my eyes. I endure year round allergies, acute migraines and crappy sleep patterns. My dark circles aren't going anywhere. Creams, vitamins, gallons of water, more sleep... Nothing banishes those suckers. But I know. I just know that there is a corrector/brightener out there, somewhere that can cover them up, brighten them up and help me look better and feel better about myself and less self conscious. 

3. Wear Colourful Eye Shadow More Often! I own a shit ton of neutral eye shadows and gentle reader, I am not finished buying more. I am a sick, sick, addicted woman and I can't lay off the eye shadows. It is what it is. I'm okay with it. Sprinkled in among all of those glorious neutrals I love so are beautiful colours. Some brights, a handful of glowing jewel tones. I think I even have a few that would qualify as Marsala! I really do like the colourful shadows I have and I want to utilize them more often. While I will never be the Phyrra of the makeup world... And let's face it, who else could be! I have been inspired by her beautiful and bold eye shadow looks to branch out more and wear more colour. 

4. Play with False Lashes More Often! I have several pairs of beautiful and wearable false lashes languishing in my makeup case. I did manage to wear one pair, late last year and I really did enjoy them! I need to break them out and use them more often.

5. Do More Nail Art! I enjoy doing nail art. However I am not all that talented at it. And... I'm a lazy slag. And, often, when I do actually get going on my nails, I over do it and it isn't so much art as hot mess. If you search "Nail Art" on this blog, you will see pathetically few posts on the subject, considering that this was, for years, a nail polish blog! I can dot. Stamp. Paint little impressionist roses and leaves. I have guide tapes, and shapes, even some stones and decals. I just need to haul them out and use them. 

6. Pamper My Hair Back! My poor hair has been through it, in the last year and a bit. It is beginning to come back, slowly but steadily. However, I have grown careless, I have been heat styling too much on top of having colour and blonde done and in addition to everything else it has been through, it is in dire need of more pampering, more moisture treatments, more gentle care and less heat, less stress. It's going to be so hard to not reach for my flat iron as often. So. Hard. Help Me! 

Oh! I just thought of another one! Buy and Start Using Lip Liner! Not just the clear barrier pencil I swear by and love almost as much as I do my only child, but lip liners that will coordinate with my various lipsticks and glosses. I have stubbornly resisted their use, as I have never realy liked them but... It's time. My lips, while still looking pretty decent, no longer have that firm, crisp line that they used to. They are beginning to, for lack of a better word, sag a little bit and I think that using lip liners, especially with more deeply pigmented lip colours will help me to wear them more successfully. 

So, there it is, gentle reader. My six... No. Seven Beauty Goals for 2015. I can hit these, without too much trouble. And I think that I am going to enjoy doing it! 

Do you have any beauty resolutions or goals for this new year? Are there things that you want to improve, change, start or stop? Please share in a comment. Inspire me. Inspire your fellow readers. Inspire yourself. 

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