Too Faced Melted Liquefied Long Wear Lipsticks in Coral and Candy

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It has taken me some time to do this review post because quite honestly, it took me some time to decide what I really think of the Too Faced Melted Liquefied Long Wear Lipstick . Earlier in 2014, caving in to the excitement swirling around these, I purchased two in colours I love to wear on my lips; one in Melted Coral, a warm, creamy coral orange and one in Melted Candy, a bright, fun fuchsia pink. 

I ordered mine from Ulta and when I received them in the mail I opened them with excitement and settled in to play with my new lip goodies. The Too Faced Melted Liquefied Long Wear Lipstick is packaged in a plastic squeeze tube that is colour coordinated to the shade contained within. There is a brushed gold tone cap that screws securely on to prevent leaking and mess in your lipstick organizer or handbag. There is o.4 fl oz pretty generous, for a lippie! and the price is $21.00. 

When I opened the pretty brushed golden cap I was greeted by an angled, soft flocked sponge-y tip applicator through which is squeezed the liquid lip colour and from there, applied to the lips.

The formula of the Too Faced Melted Liquefied Long Wear Lipsticks is highly pigmented, smooth and very slippy. It has an almost oily feel to it. It has a slightly sweet, fruity scent and taste. The lipstick spreads easily and it gives plenty of time to work with it, get it into place before it sets.

It is easy to apply too much of this formula, to make a mess of it and have a disaster on your hands. Or lips. And I learned this the hard way. I decided that these just weren't going to work for me and I set them aside for a long time. 

Here is a swatch on my hand:

And on my lips:

My red lips tend to make this look a little "pinker" on my mouth than when swatched on the back of my hand. 

Melted Candy:

Swatch on my hand:

On my lips:

I didn't wear these lippies for a long time because I simply didn't grok them for all of that time. For months, they languished in my lipstick rack while I would sit at my dressing table and glare at them, cursing them for being the messy, oily, nasty. crawl - all - over - my face gross waste of money I thought they were. Then I would choose something else to wear on my lips, instead.

One day, I got sick of glaring at those two little tubes, picked them up to toss them in the drawer on the purge pile and on impulse, decided to give them one last chance. Maybe, just maybe I was doing something wrong... After all how could everyone else love lippies that I detested so thoroughly? I also hated to give up on something I had spent so much money on!

I opened up Coral and rather than applying it full on directly from the applicator, I dabbed it over my lips then, with a lip brush, smoothed it in a thin, even layer over all over my lips and let it set for a minute or so and all of a sudden it made sense. And looked and felt wonderful. I was delighted. Grabbed my camera and took pictures then I cleaned off the Coral and grabbed Candy and did the same thing and got the same result.

Now, I love these little liquid lipsticks in a tube. And... Rather than glaring at the two I have, I am looking at maybe buying a couple more shades. I kind of want Peony and Too Faced is releasing four new beautiful shades for Spring. I would like one or two of those, as well.

Sometimes I just need to let something stew a little.

What do you have to say about Too Faced Melted Liquefied Long Wear Lipsticks? Do you dig them? Own a pile of them? What is your favorite shade? Share! Share!

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