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As much as I love it, I just can't continue to justify blowing thirty dollars a bottle on eye makeup remover. Seriously. That stuff is lovely but for me, it's a budget buster.

I was recently getting to the bottom of my current bottle and I popped into my local CVS to scout the Milani display. Didn't get anything, as it was picked clean but I did spy with my little eye, a display of bottles of CVS brand eye makeup remover.

Intrigued, I moved in for a closer look.  Hmmm... Oil free. Okay. Not a bad thing, tho oil is not a concern for me, since I'm officially a #driedoutoldhag. Promises to remove even waterproof mascara, don't much care... I never wear the stuff tho I do appreciate an effective remover that prevents my having to rub and scrub at my delicate eye area. Gentle. Ahhh! There it is! Mama has sensitive peepers. One reason why she will spend ridiculous amounts of money on makeup remover. And the kicker? Eleven ounces for less than seven dollars. Neutrogena, my number two fave is four ounces for that price. My number one, the aforelinked Lancome, is thirty for four ounces. I figured, it was worth a try. What was the worse that could happen? I could hate it. Return it and use the money to buy a lipstick. So I bought it and took it home.

Gentle reader, the packaging sucks. It's your typical, cheap, stupid open necked plastic bottle. No pump, no little squeezy thingie in the opening to control the flow and lets be real, here; I am a klutz. I tend to knock over and drop things. And, just the simple act of getting some of the remover out onto a cotton square is messy and that works my last nerve in a way I find hard to deal with. I need to buy a bottle into which I can decant this stuff. Pronto!

Because I gotta tell ya, aside from the crappy ass packaging, this is good eye makeup remover. Now, as I said, I don't wear waterproof mascara, so I can't say whether or not it removes that effectively but it works a treat on regular mascara, eyeliner, shadow... It doesn't sting or burn my very sensitive eyes and it leaves my eye area feeling moisturized but not a greasy mess, afterward. My eyes do feel a little filmy but they feel that way with any shake - em - up bi - phase remover so no ding for that.

The CVS Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover doesn't have that lovely rose scent that I adore or the pretty Lancome packaging I love to display on my dressing table. But it does what it says it will do, it does it well and for a very good price. Bottom line? Unless I get the Lancome as a Gift With Purchase, from now on, I'll buy the CVS brand and save my husband's hard earned money to splurge on pretties that last a lot longer.

Like that eye shadow palette I have been lusting after...

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