China Glaze Road Trip Collection for Spring, 2015

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Spring is on it's way! And new nail polish collections are hitting the shelves, hard and fast. From China Glaze is the beautiful Road Trip Collection. For a girl with a raging case of gasoline fever, this collection couldn't be better named! Truly, few things make me happier than jumping in the car and just taking off... For a few hours, a day, a few days. Longer. Whatever. Who cares? Let's go! 

China Glaze Road Trip is a twelve polish collection comprised of eight creme finish crellies and four delicate gold shifter shimmers. I told myself some time ago that I wasn't going to be buying any more full collections... It's just so expensive but I started seeing swatches of these polishes and well. You know. I couldn't resist. 

Would you like to see? I swatched the majority of these over regular base coat, should have used ridge filler. I did for the last few polishes and the difference was like night and day. You'd think, after all of this time swatching polish, I'd learn. Also, there are some inconsistencies in pose and lighting... I'm monkeying around with things, again. 

Okay, Let's get to work. I'll begin with the creamy crellies and finish up with the shimmers. All swatches are topped with Seche Vite. 

Trip of a Lime Time is a bright, Spring green. Two coats, three on ring and pinkie. 

My Way or the Highway is a green teal. This is two coats, three on my ridge-y ring and pinkie nails.

Boho Blues is a soft periwinkle. I adore this colour! This is two coats, three on my ring and pinkie nails. Because ridges. 

License & Registration Pls is a rich royal blue. This is two coats. 

More to Explore. Why, hello bright, almost neon peach! This is four coats. Yeah. Four. Next time, ridge filler. Silly me. I love how flattering this peach is. Peach is not an easy colour for me to wear. I can rock this one!

Pop the Trunk. Hot, red/orange that will warm you to the core. This is three effortless coats. 

Pinking Out the Window is a beautiful carnation pink. This swatch is two coats, a third on... You guessed it. 

I Brake for Colour is that glorious red/coral colour that I absolutely adore. Rich, flattering. Yes. This swatch is two coats. 

Pack Lightly. Not in this lifetime. Not in my vocabulary. This is a sweet, cotton candy pink shimmer. Three coats in this pic. 

Dashboard Dreamer is a lively pale blue shimmer. This one really wreaks havoc with my skin tone, which is rare... Blue is usually a good colour on me. Whatever. I still like it. This is three coats. 

Wanderlust is a dainty lilac shimmer. If you like purples and lilacs, you need this one! It's just so pretty! This is three coats. 

Sun's Up Top Down. This bright, bright, sunshine yellow is happiness all over my nails. Three easy-peasy coats. 

As I said earlier in this post, all of these polishes are crellies. All are a touch on the translucent side and as such, don't handle my ridge-y nails well and require extra coats or plenty of ridge filler. The advantage to the crelly formula is, of course that gorgeous, smooth flow off of the brush, easy application, no streaking, dragging, bubbling or pooling. Dry time, especially with a good, fast dry top coat is very respectable. 

What do you think of the China Glaze Road Trip Collection for Spring, 2015? Have you picked up any of these fresh, pretty colours? This collection is in wide release, now if you are craving. Get them, before they speed away.