How to Wear Large, Heavy Pierced Earrings More Comfortably

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I have recently rediscovered the joy of wearing large statement type fashion jewelry earrings. And while they are really pretty and fun, they are heavy. So heavy that when I tried to wear them, they pulled my earlobes down and stretched my piercings too much. Nope. Not comfortable and certainly not cute.

What to do?

My Galactic Drops (similar earrings here) from Bauble Bar are big. Huge. Look at them next to a lipstick for scale. They are also heavy and there is no way I can wear them, pierced. I decided to convert them to clip on earrings so that I can wear them more comfortably. 

I did a little searching around on Amazon and I found these earring converters. They are simply a gold tone clip back finding with a short metal tube with a small rubber gasket inside soldered to the front. 

To convert the pierced earring to clip, simply slip the post into the tube on the finding then gently, slowly bend the post so that the earring and finding are flush. Leave a tiny bit of room to allow the earring to slip off and back on, in case you would like to use the finding with other earrings. I have a couple of other pairs of earrings that I switch on and off with these. 

My great big earrings, right up on my earlobes. Secure, comfortable and not pulling or stretching my piercings out of shape. 

Do you have some big, heavy pierced earrings that have been languishing in a drawer because they are not so comfy to wear? Well, get yourself some conversion findings and enjoy your pretty jewelry in comfort and style. 

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