Michael Todd Soniclear Anti Microbial Skin Cleansing System Review

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I was sent the Michael Todd Soniclear Anti Microbial Sonic Skin Cleansing System late last year and I have chosen to take some time to really put it through it's paces. I'm now ready to share my thoughts.

Powered by an internal rechargable battery the Soniclear uses Sonic Wave powered cleansing to power away dirt and oil 2x better and makeup 6x better than cleansing with the hands. The micro massage action powers the pores clean, clearing them of oil, dead skin cells and makeup residue. 

When you receive your Soniclear, packed in the box are the cleansing unit, a slide in charger, a cord and wall plug, two cleansing heads, one for face and one for the body and an instruction booklet. 

You begin your odyssey to better skin by fully charging the Soniclear before it's first use. After you attach the cord to the charger and plug it into an outlet, slip the handle into the charger, with the name, Soniclear along the spine of the handle and the three indicator lights facing you, the brush facing away. You will see the lights blinking, first the bottom, then middle then top. When the top light shines steady, the unit is fully charged and ready to do it's job. 

Soniclear is a sealed, waterproof unit that is perfectly safe to use at the sink or to take into the shower or bath. On the front are sealed on/off and high low buttons that, when used in concert give you six settings that allow you to customize your cleansing experience to your skin's needs. Honestly, I just turn the thing on and get to it. But the other options are there, if you would like them. 

The Soniclear has an internal timer that runs it for one minute, in twenty second bursts. A pause in the sonic action and a beep tell you when it is time to move to another area of the face or body. When the unit shuts it's self off, you are done. Again, I am a bit of a do it my way kind of user... I run this for two minutes on my face, throat, neck and upper chest. Do what works for you. Just don't over do it! This baby is efficient and it is possible to over work the skin and leave it feeling a bit sensitive and irritated. Ask me how I know. Yeah. Three minutes on my face? Nope. Two is fine. 

Any liquid-y facial cleanser works with this unit. I've used it with DermOrganic Creamy cleanser, Philosophy Purity and the light foaming cleanser that was sent to me by Vain Pursuits. They all did just fine. I haven't tried this with bar soap (don't have the stuff in my house) or cleansing balm. I think it would be good with bar soap but not cleansing balm. Let me know if you have tried it and how it does. 

The Soniclear comes with two replaceable brushes. A smaller, slightly softer face brush and a larger, somewhat firmer body brush. With bristles infused with silver to add anti microbial properties, these brushes are designed to last six months before needing to be replaced. I have been using the hell out of this device and you can clearly see, in my photograph above that the brushes are still in very good condition. 

I like to cleanse my brush after each use by removing it from the unit, wash it with a dollop of liquid hand soap, rinse well and shake out the water and rinse and dry the unit. Then I grab my little spray bottle of alcohol, spritz the brush a few times and let it sit out to dry and let the unit sit, head angled down to finish drying on it's own. Then I pop the brush back on, put the cover on it to keep it dust free and slip the unit back into it's charger. 

Changing the brushes is easy - peasy. Simply push, twist and pull off. To install, push, twist and click. Nothing to it. 

So... After all of that nattering you're probably wondering what I really think of the Soniclear. Gentle reader, I love it. Love, love, love it. My skin has never felt cleaner, I never have to guess whether or not I have cleansed all of the makeup and day off of my face, I just know that it's happened. My pores are purged of the forever pools of goo, my face always feels soft and smooth. The Soniclear is largely responsible for much of this improvement and I don't ever want to be without this wonderful device. 

Michael Todd Soniclear Anti Microbial Skin Cleansing System, $149.00 is available on the Michael Todd Website. It comes in a variety of fun colours and new patterns, too! I'm kind of envious of that purple Boho Babe pattern. Flowers and paisley? Uh... Yes, please! But my Lavender Lust unit is working beautifully, keeping my skin happy and there is no need to replace it. There are also bundle packs available for just a little bit more and when you are ready for new brushes, you can find them here.

Did you know that Michael Todd also offers Skin Care? I have been perusing the specialty section for Anti Aging/Mature skin and I'm intrigued... 

Michael Todd skin care contains natural, good for you ingredients and is cruelty free. 

Are you ready to kick your skin care regime up to the next level? Are you ready for cleaner, softer, clearer skin? If so, you are ready for the Soniclear

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