Refresh, Pamper, Get LUSH This Valentine's Day

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LUSH believes that all you need is love! 

I believe that all I need is 75% off Valentine chocolate, the day after. Admit it... You've rolled out of bed, as the dawn's early light broke the day after the Day of Love, splashed some water on your face, slicked on a little lip gloss, put your hair in a messy bun, put on your biggest sunnies, a coat over your jammies, grabbed your wallet and run out to hit the store to be first in the door to get the marked down deliciousness. 

Or is that just me?

Maybe I have been married way too long. 

After twenty - six years of wedded... armed bliss! Valentine's Day isn't one of those days that is super high on my list of favorite holidays. My husband and I have developed a rhythm to showing one another, in little, spontaneous ways how we feel. The calendar long ago stopped being necessary to that. I'm not Anti-V-tine's Day, I'm just not as enthusiastic as I once was.

My idea of a great Valentine's - ish celebration is a relaxing, pampering soak. Preferably up to my chin in just about hot enough to boil a lobster water, spiked with fragrant, skin loving ingredients that delight my senses as they pamper me. Luckily for me, LUSH has just the stuff I love to get the job done. Draw a tub, drop in a fresh, hand made bath bomb, grab a big mug of great coffee, a box of those marked down choccies I fought off the other Dawn Warriors in PJ's for, my phone and sink in. Balance my coffee and sweets on the tub's edge, pull up Pandora on my phone so that I can listen to my favorite music while I luxuriate, sip, nibble, surf the Interwebz and argue with idiots on political websites. Ahh... Heaven.

LUSH hand creates beautiful cosmetics and bath and body care from fresh, natural and safe synthetic ingredients that are ethically sourced. Many of their products are vegan and LUSH never tests on animals. Walking into one of their stores is a sensory experience. One I don't get, very often as the nearest to me location is a drive to the Phoenix Metro area. Hey, LUSH, want to build me a store, in Prescott? Yeah... They're going to get right on that.

Happily, LUSH has a website and they were kind enough to send me a couple of their beautiful, hand made, limited edition Valentine's Day bath goodies to share with you. Let's take a look, shall we?

Floating Flower Bath Bomb: 4 oz $6.95. Place this beautiful flower gently in your bath and watch it as it floats, fizzes away and releases it's sensual jasmine fragrance into the air and pink, orange and green hues out onto the water. Sink into the tub and let your skin slurp up all of the softening and conditioning ingredients while you soak your cares away. Step out relaxed and smelling absolutely beautiful.

The Floating Flower shares it's sensual scent with the Flying Fox Shower Gel. Yeah, now that I have fallen in love with the scent of this flower, I am going to need a bottle of that shower gel. Maybe a barrel of the shower gel...

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar: 3.5 oz. 7.95 is a treat for the senses and the skin. As this fun, colourful, hand made bath wonder dissolves it releases lush, calming lavender, ylang ylang and neroli to soothe you while pink, purple, yellow and blue spirals out across the water and soft silver shimmer trails throughout. Bright candy stars float along the surface to complete the magical experience.

Gentle reader, these gorgeous LUSH goodies and their other offerings for Valentine's Day are limited edition and in ever dwindling supply. If there is anything you see that you think you must have, get it, while you can, so that you and perhaps someone you adore, can enjoy these treats.

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Do you use LUSH products? What are your favorites? Please share your faves, enable me, I need more.

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