Affordable Beauty: Cover Girl Colorlicious Lip Lava Lip Gloss in Lychee Lava


Cover Girl recently released a line of lip glosses that they call Colorlicious Lip Lava. I have seen reviews on this gloss and was interested but not enough so to fanatically track them down and I didn't really bat an eye at the picked clean displays I was seeing in my local drug stores and Ulta. I knew that the initial rush on them would fade so I just hung back. Last time I was in CVS I finally saw a full display. Not only full but the products weren't sporting broken security seal tapes. Okay. That's my sign. Time to pick one up and see what all of the excitement is about.

I bought Lychee Lava, a bright, intense pink packed with fine colour shifting glitter that sparkles silver and many pinks, even sparks of purple and blue. (Sadly my camera didn't capture the more interesting colour shifts.)

Cover Girl Colorlicious Lip Lava Lip Gloss, $7.99 comes packaged in a long, slender, acrylic tube with a shiny dark pink metallic finish cap. The cap does not correspond to the colour of the gloss in the tube, tho in my opinion, and for the sake of balance, I think it should. There are nine shades ranging from a pale nude-peach to pinks, to purple to gold. All of the glosses are packed with sparkle and shine. 

The applicator, on the end of a long wand is a brush, rather than the usual doe foot. I like this brush for applying this gloss. It was a smart move. 

The obligatory hand swatch. Yeah... Probably should'a cropped that bad boy a bit better. 

Here is where this gloss really shines. Shines... Get it? Buh-duh-dumpt-dum! I'll be at Giggles and Snorts on Tuesday the 30th and don't forget to tip your waitress! 

The texture is lighter weight than I was expecting, it feels silky and slippy on the lips, not heavy or gloopy. Cover Girl claims that this gloss is highly pigmented, I would say that in reality pigmentation as about... Medium. It's good, not stellar. My own lip tone shone through, influenced the overall colour. The colour tends to be a bit uneven and streaky and settles very quickly into lip lines. I took the above photograph almost immediately after application and you can see that. The high shine and the sparkle from the glitter play good cover, however and the settling is not visible to the casual observer at a normal distance. Since no one is getting up into my grille with a macro lens any time soon, I'm going to call this a non issue. 

This gloss is super shiny. You can see that, above. It is also super sparkly, thanks to all of the glitter particles yet it is very comfortable to wear. I don't feel the glitter when I press or rub my lips together. Well done, Cover Girl. Wear time on this gloss is about average, carry it with you for the requisite touch ups that will need done. I back it up with a clear barrier pencil and a coordinating coloured lip liner around my lip line because, well... #oldhag If you kiss someone or eat or drink with it on, you are going to leave a glittery trail in your wake. My lips feel pretty happy when I remove it at the end of a wear session. High praise indeed, from my bitchy pucker. 

Bottom line? I have to say, not too shabby. Not too shabby at all. I am not, as a rule a huge Cover Girl fanatic. I love to pieces their Clump Crusher Mascara but honestly, I find most of their line to be pretty meh. Maybe I need to explore more of their newest offerings. If they are as lovely as the Lip Lava perhaps I'll convert. 

Have you tried the Cover Girl Colorlicious Lip Lava Lip Gloss? What do you think of it? Please do spill. And, if you've tried any of their other newest releases that you think I should give a whirl, let me know. 



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