Easy Dotticure Featuring OPI Hawaii Collection Polishes


How's about a quick nail art post featuring an easy-peasy dotticure? I used polishes from the OPI Hawaii Collection for Spring but you can use any polishes that you like.

This is easy stuff, gentle reader. You just need four shades of nail polish and a couple of dotting tools with larger and smaller heads.

Apply base coat and two or so coats of your primary nail colour. Now, on a small working surface (I just use a bit of foil or scrap paper), drop a small puddle of light coloured polish off of your brush and using your biggest dotter head make three or four random dots on each nail. Lay out a big drop of another colour and using a medium dotting head, dot three or four random dots near and away from the huge dots. Then with your darkest colour and a very small dotter fill in with a few random tiny dots. Then grab your medium dotter and, with that same darkest colour, dot a dot in the middle of the great big, light dots. Let your nails dry for a few minutes to avoid smudging and float on your favorite fast dry top coat. That is all there is to it.

Have you tried doing dotticures? They really are the easiest form of nail art and fun to do. If you would like to try decorating your nails, I encourage you to start with dots. You can't go wrong.


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