Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Pointed Crease Brush | Review

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I recently qualified for a Klout perk and the item I received is a Real Techniques Bold Metals 201 Collection Pointed Crease Brush. This newer offering from the Real Techniques line is meant to give a more luxe and professional feel and experience. From the packaging, which was a fun bit of overkill which I shared on my Instagram feed, to the sleek, angled platinum toned handle and ferule and the soft, snow white synthetic bristles this brush is very different from anything else I own. 

Once removed from it's too large, too much plastic retail plastic retail packaging the brush feels weighty but not heavy and sits comfortably in my hand. I like the balance, it is easy to manipulate and work with. 

The angled handle means that the brush, when laid down on an uneven surface won't roll away from you. I like that. My dressing table is an old piece, it is not perfectly level and all of my eye brushes roll around on it. This one stays where I set it down. 

The synthetic bristles, themselves are very soft, the brush head is densely packed, giving it a firm feel. The diameter is a bit on the large side for a typical crease brush and I know that that is something that some people are not all that crazy about. I don't mind it. I have a lot of lid space and hooded eyes, this brush shape and size happens to work very well for me. As does the dense bristle pack. I can use it to create a crease and shade and define my orbital bone, a crucial technique for applying shadow to hooded lids. 

Love or leave of a particular makeup brush is definitely a very personal thing. I know that this one is getting very mixed reviews but personally, I love it. This brush, from the design to the performance works for me. If I hadn't received it as a Klout perk, I'd buy it. I have my eyes on a few other brushes in this line. I'd very much like to get the oval eye shader and the powder and blush brushes. 

The Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 201 Pointed Crease Brush retails for $15.99 and is available at Ulta. 

Do you own any of the Bold Metals brushes? What do you think of them? Please share in a comment, I'd like to hear your thoughts. 

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