Sample Saturday | Nest Paradise Eau De Parfum

Nest Fine Fragrances Eau De Parfum in Paradise. This fragrance played me, hard.

With it's captivating top and middle notes of Mediterranean Blood Orange, White Ginger and Watery Nuances, upon first application, I was captivated. This scent was fresh, lush, delicious.

I had forgotten that one of the bottom notes is Cedar Wood. A note that I simply can't bear. About half an hour after I applied this scent, the fresh, watery note died away and the wood slammed into my senses like a freight train. I spent the next six hours in agony until we finally got home and I could get into the shower.

That was my personal experience with this scent.

I want to speak to the quality of the fragrance, it's self. This sample was of the Eau De Pafum. This fragrance is beautifully blended and very long lasting. The one time I prayed that a fragrance would not last, would just fade away it didn't. This scent was going strong, six hours after I applied it. I have to say, while this particular scent wasn't for me, I am impressed with the beautiful quality of Nest fine fragrances and I'd like to further explore the brand and see of there is a scent that I would enjoy.

Nest Fine Fragrances are available at Sephora.

Do you wear Nest fragrances? What are your favorites? Is there a clean, fresh, floral devoid of any hint of spice or wood that you could recommend I try?