St. Patrick's Day Nail Art

Oh hush.

Yes, I did nail art. For a holiday. And I'm posting it. On the holiday. Weird, huh?

I was sitting at my polish desk, looking at my rack of untrieds and I kept zeroing in on a couple of very lovely greens and my brain started ticking off other colours to wear with them and what I could do to art things up.

So I grabbed polishes that I thought would work well together, some loose glitter, some ziggy-zaggy nail vinyls, a dotting tool and a roll of nail tape and got to it.

The polishes I chose to wear are:

All OPI. From the left as you are facing the screen:

Christmas Gone Plaid
That's Hula-Rious
My Gekko Does Tricks
Alpine Snow

First I applied base coat then did my base colours.

On my thumb, middle and pinkie I applied two coats of Christmas Gone Plaid, ring is two coats of Alpine Snow and index, two of Glitzerland. I topped all nails with Seche Vite and went about some other things, allowing my nails a good bit of time to dry so that I wouldn't have trouble with the stickies I would be using, next.

I used nail tape on my ring nails about a third of the way in, on each side then I added the zig-zag tapes to my thumbs, middle and pinkie nails.

My Pinkies got two coats of My Gekko does Tricks, Middles That's Hula-Rious, thumbs, Glitzerland, removing the tapes immediately after the second coat for clean removal. My ring nails were painted with Gekko on one side, Hula-Rious on the other and the tapes removed, right away. On my index, I applied a thin coat of top coat, dusted and dipped loose glitter and cleaned up that mess. Note to self... No more loose glitter. Seriously. I dotted the middle, white panel on my ring nails with Glitzerland. I added Glitzerland accent dots on my middle and pinkie nails. On my thumb nail, I did accent dots with That's Hula-Rious. Did my cleanup and top coat.

So there you have it, my St. Patrick's Day nail art. My favorite nails are my ring... I like the design. I could have done better with the dotting but I like the overall look. I'll have to work on that one, refine it. And I'm crazy about the chevron/zig-zag tapes. They are so easy and fun to use and I need to order more. STAT.

What are you wearing on your nails for this festive day? Did you go green? Do art? Tell! Tell! And have a happy St. Patrick's Day!