Sunday Secret | For a Smooth, Peach Fuzz Free Face...

Sunday Secret | For a Smooth, Peach Fuzz Free Face...

Shave it!


A little facial cleanser, a nice, sharp razor and about one minute of time once or twice a week is all it takes. Be sure that your hair is held back out of your face. Wet your face, apply some of your favorite facial cleanser. Foaming or no... Doesn't matter. As long as it is slippy. Grab your razor and shave your face. I work over my cheeks and jawline, throat and chin in long, smooth, downward strokes. Over my upper lip, in careful downward strokes, the sides of my mouth, careful inward strokes and from my chin, up to my lower lip in short, careful upward strokes. I also shave my neck, just because. I've been shaving my face for so long that I can do it in the shower without a mirror in less than a minute.

Why do I shave? Well, gentle reader, I have that light, nearly invisible peach fuzz on my face that so many of us have and quite frankly, I don't like it. It is visible when backlit. My makeup gets caught and clotted up in it, it makes my makeup look streaky and weird unless I "work with the direction of the hair growth" when applying and when I wear powder? Yikes! Hello hairy face! And the macro photos I take for my blog just look better, to me without all of that fuzz and fine hair and nonsense poking, everywhere

I shave my face because my skin feels silky smooth afterward. My makeup looks so much better and is easier to apply. Also, shaving, it turns out is good for the skin as it exfoliates as it removes the hair. Shaving with a razor is a mild and safe form of dermaplaning, a procedure done in medical offices where a scalpel is used to carefully remove surface layers of skin to reveal fresh, new skin and encourage cell turnover. Shaving is painless, unlike using an epilator. I just can't with epilators. I tried those little pen shaped battery operated trimmers but they take forever to do the job and they leave a tiny stubble behind. Nope.

Okay, I know what you may be thinking. If you shave your face, you are going to end up with darker, thicker, coarser hair on your face, right? After all, that is what "everyone" says. Fret not. Your flower face will not turn into the visage of a cave man. Trust me. I have been shaving my face since my early twenties. I don't have a Fred Flinstone Five O:Clock shadow. Hair growth and characteristics are determined by your genetics, not by a razor. You have nothing to fear from that silly old wives tale.

So, stop worrying about going with the direction of the hair growth and fearing back light. Throw away that silly rubber tongue thing that came with that foundation that promised to work with your fuzzy face. Grab your facial cleanser, your razor and set yourself free.

 How do you like to remove that pesky facial fuzz? Tell me in a comment.