Sunday Secret | How I Keep Grabby Makeup Packaging Clean

We all have it. Makeup that comes in grabby packaging. NARS, Lorac, the original Urban Decay Naked Palette, that velvet covered IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Palette... Even silicone band sport watches. These items reach out and hold on to every free roaming speck of household and makeup dust, dander, pet hair and even light foundation smudges. And they don't give them up easily.

Until now. I figured out how to keep my grabby packaging and silicone watch bands clean and tidy, not have to store all of my palettes and compacts in their original boxes (what a pain in the ass that was!) or plastic zipper bags.

I left some of my grabby stuff sitting out for a week to accumulate a nice coating of airborne detritus. Look at all of the dust, dander, cat hair, fibers... *twitch*

The fast and easy way to clean off grabby packaging is with a lint roller. I buy the cheapie ones at Walgreen's. They work fine. Grab a lint roller and a messy, rubbery or velvety palette and roll, roll, roll. Bye-bye dust, dirt, makeup dust, pet hair, your hair, fibers and fluff. The lint roller will even clean away very light foundation smudges. 

Ahhh... That is so much better! Neat and tidy palettes and no more having to store them in their boxes. My life is easier, my mind is easier.

What do you think? Yeah? Nope? Maybe you'll try? Let me know if it worked for you.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's snack time and that banana looks tasty.


  1. Great tip! I don't have much products with those kind of packaging to them but its such a handy tip to know.

  2. I got that IT Cosmetics palette, did not even think about it picking up stuff with that material it's covered in. Well I need lint rollers for the dog hair issue as well as stamping, so now I know there are cheapies to be had at Wags ---- thanks!! :)

  3. I'm glad that you found it helpful.

  4. I usually use tape to clean my very velcro-like Naked palette. That sticky lint roller probably would be easier!

  5. Great tip, thanks! IKEA has lint rollers and refills suuuuuper cheap, so I may have to grab some on my next trip!

  6. Tape would work, too. I didn't even think about using tape. I just grabbed my lint roller. lol It is fast and easy. :D

  7. You're welcome. You can never have too many lint rollers! I wear a lot of black and share my life with an orange cat... Lint rollers are life. lol


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