Sunday Secret: I Do This for "Wetter" Makeup Remover Wipes


As a devoted fan of makeup remover wipes, I have tried many brands and have many brands on my to try list. Some are more saturated with remover than others. All of them are contained in flimsy packaging that, in my not so humble opinion does not do the job to keep my wipes at peak. Being the freak I am, I decided to just cut open packages, pile them into a plastic freezer bag and keep them that way. 

Well, a marvelous thing happened. My wipes actually got "wetter." I don't know how that happens or why... I am not a scientist or expert in fluid dynamics. Not only do already nicely saturated wipes get better, I have had not so saturated wipes become wetter and more saturated as they sit in the plastic bag. It's kind of a marvelous thing. 

There is nothing to it. Grab makeup remover wipes, my favorite are Neutrogena Hydrating Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, a slide lock freezer food storage bag, (it's important that you use a freezer bag, this doesn't work so well with the "storage" bags) and a pair of scissors.  

Cut open the makeup wipe packs and remove the wipes from their packages and stack them in the freezer bag. fold and roll the bag around the wipes, pushing out as much air as humanly possible and seal. 

That's all there is to it. I just keep adding packs to the bag as I go and I always have nice, saturated makeup remover wipes at my fingertips. 

It's not glamorous to look at but it works like a charm. 

What are your favorite makeup remover wipes? Do you have a storage method that keeps them in peak condition?