Bargain Beauty Find | Bdellium Tools Eye Blending Brush No. 776


I love makeup brushes. They are like little, fluffy pets that I don't have to feed, water, walk or clean up after when they barf on my broadloom. I'm looking at you, Marley. You and your hairballs. I love that cat but damn! The other night, about three in the morning, he hacked up like eight hairballs all over my living room floor behind one of the chairs. 

And I have to face cleaning it up. In truth, I enlist the husband unit because:

Anyway, I'm sure that you didn't come here to read about my cat and his hairballs so let's move on. 

I love to peruse sites that offer really luxe makeup brushes. HakuhodoChikuhodo, Suqqu give me major grabby hands and make me drool, I dream of them, make wish lists, then I remember that 

and I come down from the lofty heights and I get real. I'm on a budget and as tempting as it is to just whip out my credit card and clickity-click, I am not going to run up debt to buy tools to apply makeup to my face. I freely admit, some days it is a battle against my better angels to resist. I was crushing hard on this brush on the Nordie's website and I came thicslose. I have read and heard such raves about that brush and I want just one! Liar. If I got one, I'd want another and another. Because I am a greedy fool and I always want #allofthethings.

The thing is, gentle reader, great makeup brushes do not have to cost an arm and a leg. For example, I have here a Bdellium Tools Maestro Series Eye Blending Brush No. 776. Priced at a very wallet friendly nine dollars and change, this brush fits beautifully into my eye brush collection and my budget.

With it's long, responsibly sourced black lacquered bamboo handle, shiny recycled aluminum ferule and soft, microbe resistant synthetic bristles, this brush is as chic, earth and creature friendly as it is easy on the finances. I reach for this brush often, I like it for applying washes of shadow on my lid, blending my crease and orbital bone, buffing highlight on my brow bone. The bristles are firm enough to do their job beautifully and soft enough to not poke, scratch or otherwise irritate my lids.

This brush cleans up like a dream. I can use deep, dark shadow and it releases every last hint of pigment when I clean it. I have have had this brush since February and have used the hell out of it;  cleaning it every time in alcohol or shampooing it and it still looks and feels new. No shedding, no bristle breakage. Bdellium claims that their bristles are anti microbial. I don't buy into that claim and I certainly don't rely on it, as far as brush hygiene is concerned. I clean it, every time I use it and that way I don't have to worry about germies.

The Bdellium Tools Maestro Series Eye Blending Brush No. 776 is a fantastic tool. I love it and I plan on picking up at least one more, so that I have an extra to grab, should I want to. Bdellium Tools brushes are a wonderful Bargain Beauty Find.

I have a pile of Bdellium Tools brushes on my wishlist and I kind of want all of them! Do you own any brushes from this brand? Which are your favorites? Any you would recommend, I'm open to enabling.



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