Beauteque Tony Moly Head to Toe Bag | Unbagging

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I have been intrigued by Korean beauty products for a while so I was thrilled when Beauteque reached out to me and offered to send me a Tony Moly Head to Toe Bag for April to share with you. 

Whether you are a long time fan of Tony Moly and are looking to replenish your stock or a first timer out to try the brand; this bag, packed with seven full sized products is a wonderful sampler of get pretty products to pamper you from the top of your head to your tippy-toes. And it is a good deal, too. A $70.00 value all for only $28.00. 

Check out this plump, woven blue and white gingham drawstring bag bursting with goodies. Ready to take a look? 

First peek! What have we here? Let's dig in! 

Since this is a head to toe bag, let's begin at the top, shall we? Tony Moly Make HD/Straight Cream, $15.99. This is a two step hair straightening system that is supposed to condition as it smooths curls and frizz. I am very interested! I have crazy hair. It is wurly, frizzy, wild and out of control. Before I use these products, tho I need to have my stylist take a gander at the ingredients lists to be sure that I won't suffer a devastating chemical reaction with my highlighted, coloured tresses. If it's safe, I'm definitely trying this because Monsoon Season is coming, the humidity is on it's way and my hair will soon be like, damn! 

Tony Moly Strawberry Seeds 3 - Step Nose Pack, $4.00. (My included info card says $3.00.) This three step pore cleansing, acne fighting treatment is contained in some of the cutest plastic bag packaging I have ever laid eyes on! It's simply squeeee! - worthy. Probably not something I'll use, since I don't have congested pores or acne. I'll likely pass this along to someone who can benefit from it... After I get done admiring it and get over just how cute that picture is. 

Tony Moly Face Mix Primer Lip Concealer. $12.00. (I can't find the listing for this product.) Intrigued, I am, as I am always interested in anything that will lock down my lip colour and keep it from seeping into my little, tiny, vertical lip lines and crawling all over my face. I use liners, if this primer can back them up, yes, please! 

Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Essence Lip Balm, $10.00. (Some people will receive the Kiss Kiss Lip Scrub.) This lip balm contains macadamia and jojoba oils and has SPF 15 all packaged in the cutest, fat, red lips, ever. I have searched and searched for an ingredients list for this lip balm so that I can find out if the SPF is chemical or mineral but there is no information anywhere that I can find. I can't appreciate the "typical" chemical sunscreen scent in this lip balm but I can't take the chance and use it. I made that mistake, once before and got burned. Literally. I passed this along to my mother in law. She loved the cute packaging and is enjoying how softening and moisturizing the balm is on her lips. 

Tony Moly Gold Black Sugar Mask Scrub, $14.99. "This scrub removes dead, dry skin cells while providing nutrition from gold and honey extracts." This thick sugar scrub really sloughs away the rough, dry skin, gentle reader. I have used this on my hands a couple of times, since I received this bag and I'm hooked! While it doesn't really smell like much in the jar, once I scrub it around, it smells like brown bread, to me. It's kind of grain-y, kind of molasses, a little bit of honey. I like. 

Tony Moly Tangerine Whitening Hand Cream, $8.00. (My card says $12.00.) This rich, emollient cream is enriched with Vitamin C and smells delightfully of sweet, juicy citrus. This cream is very, very thick. As soon as this simply adorable little jar is empty, (which won't take me long... I can't stop using this stuff!) I will fill it with my usual hand lotion and keep it on my little table, here because well... It's too cute to toss away! I mean, just look at it! Oh, is this cream "whitening" my hands? Nope. But it's lovely and softening and smells so yummy, I don't care about that. 

And last but not least, Pumice Stones. 2 x $3.00 each. No listing for these, that I could find, either. Aren't they cute, tho? They are in my pedi basket, awaiting their turn at smoothing my heels. 

I am so happy that Beauteque offered this fun, useful bag of tricks to me to try and share with my gentle readers. The products that I can make use of, I am truly enjoying and will likely buy for myself, in the future. The few that are just not right for me I am tickled to pass along to others who will use and enjoy them. 

What do you think of this bag of cute and effective Korean beauty products? If you would like to order a bag for yourself or as a gift, here is the listing to ship to the United States. They also offer a listing for Canada and Europe.

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