Nail Art | Featuring China Glaze Electric Nights Polishes

Here is the next nail art look featuring China Glaze Electric Nights polishes.

I polished my pinkie and middle nails with Treble Maker, ring with Daisy Know My Name? and then masked off a diagonal line of negative space with narrow striping tape and did a half and half on my index nail. I used Can I get an Untz Untz (I cringe when I type that. Seriously. Who named that polish?) on ring and half of index. Then I dotted first with white then Daisy Know My Name on the Treble Maker nails in patterns on the fly. I think I used top coat for this mani. Yep. It's really shiny.

Daisy Know My Name? Need sunglasses highlighter yellow.

Treble Maker. An insane neon green.

Can I get an Untz Untz. Yeah... That's a bad name. The glitter is great, tho. Neon green, yellow and purple pieces in clear base. So cute!

All three of these polishes perform beautifully. I still can't get over just how well these neon/brights apply and behave. Sometimes polishes of this ilk can be a real bear to work with, but China Glaze has come up with a winning formula. These are truly terrific.

Have you picked up any of the polishes from this collection? Which ones are you loving or craving?

Midi rings are from Amazon. Stackers. I can't find the listing for the set with the bow ring.