Say Hello to My Little Friend | Marley Cat

I was shooting photos of a serum, the other day when Marley jumped up into the window behind my backdrop and I was able to swing my camera and light up and snap this shot of him at just the right moment. It's not easy to get good photographs of this cat. He is highly camera uncooperative. I usually have to sneak up on him when he is distracted or sleeping.

Marley says "Hi."


  1. rachlovespenguinsApril 19, 2015 at 9:48 PM

    Awww how adorable. <3
    Hi Marley!

    It's hard to get good photos of my little beasts because their faces are always IN the camera, hahaha. It's impossible to focus and keep the lens clear of cat nose at the same time. And of course they just know they're the best helpers/supervisors ever.

  2. That's just too cute! Hello Marley! :D

  3. Hi! ;) That's sweet


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