Stylish, Affordable Glasses from Firmoo

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One of the characteristics I inherited from my parents is my nearsightedness. I have worn glasses and contacts since I was twelve and I have invested thousands of dollars in eye exams, frames, lenses, contact lenses, prescription sunglasses... It's a never ending, expensive cycle. Get an exam, new classes/contacts. Enjoy. Eyes start to suck a little more, back to the eye doctor. And around we go, again. I have really good health insurance but my vision insurance kind of blows. I always end up ponying up a lot out of pocket.

When I was contacted by Firmoo and offered a pair of glasses to try out and share with my gentle readers, I felt that a review like this could be of benefit so I decided to go for it.

Firmoo specializes in stylish, affordable eye wear, offering a selection of glasses in different styles for both men and women. You can get prescription sunglasses and specialty eye wear, as well. They can send glasses with plain lenses or you can have lenses ground to your prescription. If you want lenses done to your prescription, you merely need to supply them with some basic information and your prescription and they take it from there. Firmoo offers free U.S. Shipping on orders over $39.00. 

After carefully perusing the selection from which I was invited to select, I decided on this frame. I kind of liked the modern, soft modified cat eye shape and the tortie and aqua blue colour combo appealed to me.

These are full acetate frames intended to hold single vision lenses. I'm due for an eye exam and I didn't see any point in having lenses ground in my old prescription. Also, and this is pretty sad to admit, I don't even have my prescription, any longer. My eye doctor retired and left town and someone forgot to get her file before he left so... I'll just take these frames in when I have my exam and have lenses ground to fit them. I just need to decide if they will be my regular glasses, readers (sadly, I think I've reached that stage) or maybe sunnies?

Every pair of glasses that you receive from Firmoo comes wrapped safely in it's own soft cleaning cloth and tucked snugly into a hard clam shell case. Also included is a small drawstring bag large enough to hold your glasses and a little key chain/tool kit so that you can perform any little repairs or maintenance.

I think I'm pretty happy with my choice. They seem to look well enough on me and they are comfortable and feel fairly sturdy and well made.

These days, we could all use a little break on life's necessities. Things like glasses cost a lot of money! If we can get a good pair and save a few clams, why not? If you would like to order glasses from Firmoo and getting a great deal sounds good to you, use this link to save fifty percent off of your first pair.

Do you wear glasses/contacts? At what age did you start wearing them?

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