Afternoon Delight | KB Shimmer Rollin' With the Chromies


How many times have you looked at a beautiful duochrome polish and wished for holo rainbows dancing over the glorious, shifting base colour as you move your hand and fingers? 

Wish no more. 

You can have it all with KB Shimmer Rollin' With the Chromies. This rich, multichrome shifter slides from blue, to purple, to pink... Even a touch of green. Then, as you bring your fingers up into the light linear and diffuse holographic dances across your nails. 

I managed to catch some of the gloriousity that is the insane shift that comes from this multichrome polish. Just... Look at it! You should see this baby in person, on your own nails. This is two coats and top coat. 

The formula on this beauty is fantastic. Smooth, fluid but not runny this polish flows off the brush, sits sweetly down where I place it and doesn't run, pool, streak or drag. Dry time, with a fast dry top coat is very good. I used KB Shimmer Clearly on Top Quick Dry Top Coat. Wear time on this polish is average for me... I kept this chromie rollin' four days before it fell apart and needed to go. I am happy with that. 

What are your favorite KB Shimmer polishes and other products? Are you as crazy for KB Shimmer nail polishes as I am?