Afternoon Delight | OPI Coca Cola Red

If you read here with any frequency at all you are likely aware of my love for red nail polish. It is deep and it is real.

Last Summer OPI released the Coca Cola Collection and I bought most all of it. I gave away a bottle or two before I opened them and kept the rest for my greedy self. I never got around to swatching them, when they were current. I don't know why, really. Last year was a weird blogging year for many reasons.

I know that this polish was limited edition and is no longer widely available and I kind of feel like a dick about showing it, now but it needs to be featured. It's crying out for it's moment so...

OPI Coca Cola Red is a glorious, true, fire engine red creme. The formula on this is a love and it just looks fabulous! If you like red polish and you see a bottle of this one floating around, anywhere I suggest that you snag it.

Did you buy any of the OPI Coca Cola polishes when they came out?

Oh! Midi ring... Amazon. Of course! It's part of a two piece set. Get them here.


  1. Marisa (Polish Obsession)May 9, 2015 at 7:42 PM

    Such a gorgeous red!! Looks great on you!

  2. LOL at "being a dick" about showing an old color. If anything it will still inspire me to go rustle up one of the reds I already own.

  3. I'm glad that I inspired you. Thank you so much for reading.


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