Eyebrows... The Bane of My Existence


Crazy. Granny. Clown. Freak. Ugly. Weird. Disgusting. Gross. Puke Worthy. Stupid. Fucked Up. Wrong. Bad. Strange. And of course, my personal favorite (eat my sarcasm), Retarded. 

These are just a few of the adjectives that I have heard and read about drawn on or, as I like to call them, created eyebrows. 

Many of us, for a variety of reasons are compelled to make our own eyebrows in whatever way we can. Some lose their brows due to illness, medical treatment, over plucking or waxing in their misspent youth. 

In my case, I lost my left eyebrow in an accident when I was a child. My doctor told my mother at the time that he didn't know if my brow would grow back. It did grow back but it grew back all kinds of wrong. For a long time I just ignored it, and my other brow, too. I figured why bother with them? They looked so different and so bad I just wanted to pretend that they didn't exist. 

I was in my thirties before I got tired of having what I perceived as ugly brows and decided to do something about it. I tried plucking them to a shape and to match somewhat. Nope. My left brow was just too mucked up. So, I tried plucking my left brow down to practically nothing and just shaping my right brow to suit me then I would create (draw on) the left brow. I looked as if I had the brows of two different people on my face. Nope.

I finally came to the conclusion that in order to have two halfway decent eyebrows that look as if they belong on the same face, I would have to pluck both down to practically nothing and build them from the ground up. Over time, I have experimented with various products and techniques. Stencils. Wax. Powder. Tinted brush on gel. Pencils. So very, very many pencils. After much trial and error and mad frustration, I have landed on a few products and a relatively easy routine that get the job done for me. 

My chosen tool for plucking my brows is my petite Tweezerman tweezers. Similar here

An eye shadow primer. My favorite is the Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer but just about any will do. 

To create my brows I love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Pencil. I use Taupe and Medium Brown (formerly Medium Ash). My Medium Brown pencil is a backup I had of the Medium Ash, the old packaging that would shed the printing. I'm so happy that they fixed that little problem. 

I create my brows before I put on any other makeup. I find that it is easier and my brows go on better and last longer if I start with clean skin with very little moisturizer and no primer or makeup. 

My tweezers are old but they still work perfectly. One of the best five dollar investments I have ever made. I use them to pluck my eyebrows just about completely away, leaving just a thin line of hairs in the front section. I have tried leaving various amounts of hairs and different shapes, this is the one that works.

After I have plucked, I apply eye primer to my brow areas and smooth it into the skin and let it dry down. 

Once that is done, I grab my Brow Wiz pencil in Taupe and I use the spoolie on one end to brush my brow hairs up and kind of into place. Then I start creating. I begin at the apex of my arch and sketch in the tail. Then I go to the front of the brow, determine where I want it to start and I begin, with light, short strokes to sketch on the main part of my brow. I start along the bottom line, working my way up, following the natural line of the hairs I do have until I hit the arch and connect the front and tail. Then I go back to the front, start filling in the middle then the top line. I refine my arch and the join and finish shaping and filling in the tail. I use Precision Tip Q-Tips to clean up, refine, even up. And finally, I use my Medium Brown pencil to sketch in "hairs" to make the brow look a little more filled in and "hair like" and not something I Sharpied onto my face. 

After I do all of that, I apply my makeup, working carefully around my brows. After I'm finished, if necessary, I touch up my brows with my pencil then run a little clear gel through them to set them and I'm done. Depending on how my day is going, the procedure takes me anywhere from five to fifteen minutes. If I'm in a tearing hurry I can just about guarantee that my brows are going to look like something that the cat dragged in and take way, way too long to do. 

I aim for brows that look as if they could live, naturally over each eye. I don't worry about getting them perfectly alike. Sisters, not twins works just fine for me. My brows never look exactly the same from day to day but I try to be as consistent as I possibly can. 

My eyebrows are far, far from perfect. They aren't "natural" or "on point." I would give anything to have natural, full brows that are easy to shape and would look fabulous in about a minute flat by just plucking a few stray hairs and running a little gel through them. You can't even imagine how much I would love that. Being forced to endure all of this ragle baggle just to have eyebrows is a time consuming pain in my ass. But it isn't in the cards for me. I just have to do the best I can. 

I hope that this post doesn't read too whiny or bitchy. This is a painful subject for me and this wasn't an easy post for me to write. But I kind of feel a little better for having done so. I hope that it will help others in a similar position. Maybe my how-to will be useful someone who doesn't have brows for their own reason and is struggling. If that is the case, this is all worth it. A thousand times over. 

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