New! Cover Girl The Super Sizer Mascara and Intensify Me! Liquid Eyeliner

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Cover Girl recently reached out to me and offered to send me a couple of the new products that they are going to be launching, soon. I received the new The Super Sizer mascara and Intensify Me! Eye liner pen by Lash Blast. I have had a chance to take them both for a test drive and I'd love to share my thoughts with you, now.

First up is The Super Sizer by Lash Blast mascara. Cover Girl's Clump Crusher is one of my all time favorite mascaras so I was really intrigued by the claims about this new addition to the Lash Blast lineup and I was excited to try it out. The packaging is pure Lash Blast. A fat, plastic tube bedecked in bright, contrasting colours that grab your attention, right off the bat. I like the teal blue and metallic lime green colour scheme. I received the shade Very Black and this formula isn't waterproof. I imagine that more shades and a waterproof formula will be offered in stores.

Cover Girl claims that The Super Sizer will deliver 400% corner to corner volume thanks to the unique lash styler wand. I never take claims like that all that seriously. If I can get good enhancement of my naturally decent lash length and a nice bump in volume without the stuff burning my eyeballs, turning my lashes into tarantula legs or flaking off all over my face, I'm pretty happy.

The wand is pure new mascara gimmickry. I love seeing what new heights cosmetics companies go to in order to win fans and influence makeup junkies. This wand doesn't disappoint. Made of rubber, the slender wand is covered with short, evenly spaced teeth that act as bristles. The wand is slightly curved and there is a twist and a flatter panel on one side.

The idea is to set the flat side wand at the base of the lashes to get an immediate, even shocking drenching of mascara at the roots then twirl the wand as you comb it up through your lashes to evenly distribute the product and lift and separate the lashes as you go for a full, fanned out effect. I am still working on the twirl. Old dog, you know. I just apply this stuff as I do any mascara.

So. How does this stuff work? Pretty well, actually. The formula isn't overly wet and it applies smoothly, the teeth on the wand are good at combing and don't clump my lashes up. My natural lash length is nicely enhanced and I do get some volume and thickness. I only apply one good coat of mascara. I hate running a wand over already mascara'd lashes, it kind of squicks me out and I always end up making a clumpy mess of the business so one coat, for me. The wand does a nice job of getting the inner and outer corner lashes without depositing product on my cheeks or nose. The mascara sets up pretty quickly. If you are a multiple coat kind of person, I would suggest going for the second and so on on the same eye then move next door and repeat. This wand makes applying mascara to the lower lashes a breeze. I didn't make even a tiny bit of a mess while coating my lowers.

My lashes feel coated but not heavy and they feel dry but not overly hard or "crunchy." This mascara wears very well for me. I experience no transfer, smudging or flaking. My lashes look as fresh and full at the end of the day as they do when I apply. Removal is easy. This mascara whisks away with a little remover on a cotton square. My very sensitive eyes are calm and happy when my lashes are enrobed in this formula. I don't experience any stinging, burning or other irritation, even on removal. I like this stuff! It's good and I'd buy it.

This is my lashes wearing one coat of The Super Sizer. Don't mind the wonk. My fault, not the mascara. Of course, the day I take pictures of my lashes for this post... They look like this. When I'm not slated to photograph, my lashes look like a freaking magazine ad. I can't catch a break.

Next we have the Intensify Me Liquid Eye Liner by Lash Blast. This slim, plastic pen style tube is outfitted with paddle shaped felt tip applicator that is designed to give you the control of a pencil and the intensity of a liquid liner in one easy to use product. Cover Girl claims that this liner will make even cat eyes easy. Does it?

At the end of the liner pen there is a lightly textured, concave panel to make the liner easier to hold. The applicator tip is paddle shaped and when turned so that the flat side is up, will dispense a thick, dramatic line.

Turn to the narrow side up and you have a tip that will lay down a thin, more precise line.

The formula is fluid and smooth. It flows out of the applicator without spurting or clogging, The applicator lays down the product without dragging, tugging or skipping. Pigmentation is excellent. The above swatches are one pass, only. This liner is very gentle and does not irritate my sensitive peepers.

In action. As you can see, I did my customary excellent (tongue in cheek) application. Me and liquid liner... There ought to be a law. I will say, in spite of my bungling it, the pen was easier to use than any other liquid liner I have tried. I appreciate that. Dry time on this liner is a little longer than the claim on the packaging. If you apply a thicker line or go over in more than one pass (which I had to do because... bungler) be prepared to wait a good minute or more for it to fully dry. Once it sets, it sets. This liner wore all day with very minimal fading toward the end of the day.

I can't wing out liner for a cat eye because of my hooded and drooping lids so I pull my liner in and down to the inner corner of my eyes to emphasize and enhance their shape and I experienced a little transferring in that area after several hours of wear. It cleaned up easily enough with a Q-Tip. The liner along my lash line wore rock steady and did not transfer or smear to my hooded lids above. Removal was easy with remover on a cotton square.

Overall, the performance of this eye liner is pretty good. Especially for a liquid liner neophyte like me. I'll definitely use this when I'm in the mood for a liquid line.  Would I buy this product in the store? Sure. If I want a new liquid liner, this one is worth picking up.

And, my eyeballs, with both the mascara and the liner. My eye shadow is Wet-n-Wild Comfort Zone shadows and Brulee. Blush is NYX Pinched. Lippie is NARS Audacious in Claudia.

What do you think of these new for eyes products? Cover Girl The Super Sizer mascara and Intensify Me liquid liner by Lash Blast should be launching, soon and available in stores where you buy Cover Girl. Will you be picking up either? Both? Please do tell.

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