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Blog block is like writer's block. It's freaking brutal, gentle reader. I keep opening my blog, bringing up one of the many partially completed posts that are piling up and piling up and piling up to complete and post it and I just stare at my blinking cursor until I hit the SAVE button and X out and close my browser and open NETFLIX or go drift aimlessly around on Facebook or Amazon, adding to my already huge wishlists. 

But I have to get some of these posts up so I'm going to start with an easy, low key one and see if I can't ease in. Kind of like dipping my toes into a too cool swimming pool early in the Summer. Hopefully after that first shock of chill, I'll get back into the swim of things. 

NYC Expert Last Lip Color is part of the new release of products from NYC for Summer, 2015. 

The packaging is a sleek, plastic tube. The bottom is coloured to correspond with the shade of the lipstick housed within. The brand logo and name of the lipstick are emblazoned on the tube in silver. The part of the tube that holds the bullet is silver. The cap is clear plastic with the NYC logo embossed on the top. The Lipstick bullet does not fully swivel down and is fully visible through the clear cap. This is both a blessing and a curse. It is easy to see the colour of the lipstick, making opening the packaging unnecessary. Unfortunately, since the bullet stays up, you must be very careful when removing and replacing the cap or you will damage the lipstick. I don't like this feature of the packaging, in the least. I don't like to damage my product with the packaging or have to be so. very. careful. not to. 

NYC claims to offer a balance of matte and satin in their new Expert Last Lip Color tho honestly, neither of the lipsticks I have are matte. The velvety soft formula wraps your lips in amplified colour designed to last up to six hours. There are five new shades from a soft, creamy nude to an intense, deep red. I have two to share with you, today.

Pure Coral is a bright, clear red based coral with a gel like formula. 

Creamy Mauve is a soft, neutral mauve-pink satin creme.

Swatches on my hand.

Pure Coral has a lightweight, gel like base, is very pigmented and applies smoothly and easily. I get a solid couple of hours of wear before needing to touch up. Comfort is... Pretty decent for such an affordable lippie. If I balm up well before applying, my lips are even happier. 

Creamy Mauve is a smooth, satin creme. This isn't really a matte in any way, shape or form. Application to a complete, unbroken film as you see in this photo takes a little doing, it isn't a one swipe and done kind of proposition. Wear time is not stellar... I find that as with many lipsticks of this kind, Creamy Mauve tends to break apart on me and needs to be checked and touched up on a fairly regular basis. It's a pretty color but it's a fairly high maintenance one, in my experience. 

The comfort level with this lipstick is not at all high. I have to wear lip balm under it and even with that precaution after a few hours, my lips are ready to shed this lip colour. Now... My lips have a condition that causes them to be especially sensitive and prone to being dried out by many lip products that others find perfectly okay to wear, so take my crying about drying out with a grain of salt. 

Of the two, Pure Coral is my clear favorite for both colour and comfort. Creamy Mauve is pretty but my lips aren't happy with it. (Not the lippie's fault.) 

I think that these are nice lipsticks for a good price. You can buy the NYC Expert Last Lip Color Lipsticks at drugstores and mass retailers near you for $1.99 each. 

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