A Pretty Summer Manicure Featuring KB Shimmer

The heat is on. Here in Arizona it is baking hot. Temps are trending above normal for this time of year and have gone from early Summer warm to trapped in Satan's living room searing. My air conditioner is working hard for it's money and I want everything to be light, fresh, cool and easy. And that includes my manicures. While I don't believe in locking myself into "seasonal" colours, this time of year, I tend to reach for more delicate polish shades and tones. 

 One of my favorite Summer nail polish colours is coral. KB Shimmer Blush Money is a sweet, easy peachy rose that is based on the Pantone Colour for 2015, Strawberry Ice. This beautiful coral pink crelly base is shot through with a gentle, diffused golden holo that will form subtle linear rainbows in bright, direct sun. So delicate and pretty! This is two coats with top coat. The formula on this polish is stellar. It applies like a dream with no streaking, pooling, running, dragging or bubbling. Dry time is good with Clearly on Top Quick Dry Top Coat

Maintaining healthy, soft cuticles is a challenge when you are busy, going out and enjoying all of the fun Summer activities. Pop a portable, leak resistant (trust me, if this thing were even the least bit messy, it would not be resting on one of my beautiful white prop flowers!) Cuticle Oil Pen into your purse or beach bag and when you have a little down time, sitting and waiting for the kids to finish their soccer practice or relaxing under a sunberella, reach for this no mess clicky pen and brush on a little soothing, cuticle pampering mini treatment. My favorite is the Pink Sugar. It smells so delicious and the scent lingers softly on my skin even after several hand washings. Yes. I'm a fan.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing this pretty for the season polish. What are your favorite Summer nail colours?


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