Nail Butter for Naturally Beautiful Cuticles

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Nail Butter for Naturally Beautiful Cuticles

Natural. Cruelty free. Efficacious. Nail Butter.

Originally created over thirty years ago for a dental hygienist who struggled with keeping her thin, weak nails and her cuticles healthy, strong and well hydrated. This beautiful cream stimulates circulation to the nail matrix while moisturizing the nail bed and cuticle. With consistent use, you can see real results. Fast.

Nail Butter for Naturally Beautiful Cuticles

Packaged in an elegant, heavy frosted glass jar with an adorable pink and white patterned black cap, Nail Butter is a smooth, medium/heavy density cream. A tiny amount is all you need to treat your cuticles and improve your nail condition. This butter spreads and rubs in easily and leaves a film on the surface of the skin for a while, sinking in over time to continue to hydrate and pamper. If you don't want to let the film remain, work the remainder into the skin of your hands and gently blot with a tissue or towel and get on with your day.

My butter looks stirred because it is. My sample arrived on a hot Arizona day and it was a little melted and separated. A little time to cool down and firm back up a bit, a nice stir with a cuticle stick and it is back to perfect, buttercream goodness. And it had that pretty pattern on top that makes for a nice picture, don't you think?

Nail Butter for Naturally Beautiful Cuticles Ingredients

Here is the ingredients list. All natural, good for you stuff that is never tested on furry creatures, this is a get your cuticles gorgeous product you can feel good about buying and using.

Let's talk a little about scent, gentle reader. Nail Butter is pungent. This cream contains Oil of Mustard and is lemongrass scented and the combo is pretty strong. Even my scent loving beak was asking for a little relief! If, like me you like the scent but find it a bit powerful just leave the lid off for a day or so, overnight and you should find it much more enjoyable. I did and I do, now.

I had my Nail butter sitting open on my mani desk in my blogging room to air out and I was in my living room editing photos on my laptop when I heard a crash! and my cat came dashing out of that room, looking guilty. I went in there to find a mess on my table. My midi rings scattered all over the place, the bowl in which they live tipped over and my open Nail Butter jar was missing. I found it on the floor by the table and when I picked it up, there was a cat paw impression in the surface. That little shit had jumped up on my mani desk to get in the window to sun his carcass, stepped in my Nail Butter, freaked out, wreaked havoc and run for the hills.

My cuticles are loving this stuff. Loving it. I have pretty good cuticles, anyway and this beautiful butter just makes them that much better! I have a little confession to make. I not only use Nail Butter on my cuticles, I use it on the backs of my hands. This cream is so effective, a little goes such a long way that a small amount, on the back of each hand well rubbed in deeply hydrates my dry, maturing hands. And I have to tell ya. I think that my hands look better since I have been treating them to a little Nail Butter. And at my age... That's saying something!

You know what the lovelies at Nail Butter need to do? Take out the Oil of Mustard, replace it with a different, softer scented Oil of Something and package this stuff in tubes and market it as Hand Butter. Seriously. This needs to happen.

Nail Butter for Naturally Beautiful Cuticles Nail Art

I was inspired.

I like Nail Butter. I like it a lot and when my sample jar runs out, I will be purchasing a replacement because I don't want to be without it. If you would like a jar of Nail Butter of your own, it is $24.00. I know. A little spendy but I use so little at a time that my jar of Nail Butter is going to last a long time, even with my using it on my hands, too. I feel that this lovely stuff is worth every penny.

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Do you Butter your cuticles?
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