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So... Why is a #driedoutoldhag who doesn't break out reviewing a skin care line for acne prone skin? Well, the answer is simple, really. I am a moron. I misread a pitch e-mail early one morning before I was fully caffeinated and this lovely stuff landed on my doorstep, shortly thereafter. Great. Not only am I a moron, I am a moron with a skin care line that I can't in a million years put on my face. Now what do I do? I could send it back, I suppose. Or... I know! I'll get Pookie (my twenty-something son who just looooves being called Pookie) to test it out! Pookie loves his mom. He'll be a sport.

A little about Pookie (he has asked me to not use his real name or photographs online): Twenty-something, very fair, extremely sensitive, combo skin that is no longer actively breaking out but has large pores, congestion and texture issues because rather than using skin care, like most guys he "takes care of his skin" by letting his daily shampoo run down over his face ("It gets my face clean enough, mom!") and of course, shaving. Yes. I grabbed the products and my camera, fired off the necessary photos and the next time Pookie came to visit raid my refrigerator, I pounced. Being the solid dude he is, he agreed to use the products according to my instructions and report back.

Relogy Skin Care Review

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Relogy. Inspired by the biology of your skin. This breakthrough acne treating skin care line, six years in the making, harnesses the power of natural ingredients to start clearing your skin, fast but gently without harsh side effects normally associated with acne clearing lines and treatments. Relogy is for anyone who experiences acne breakouts. Any level, many skin types. 

A little about the products from the website:
Dual Action Treatment Foam  (It's bubbly for a reason, not just 'cause it's fun.) This silky foam acne wash uses the power of oxygenated bubbles to penetrate deep into your pores to start clearing pimples immediately. This step also makes your skin look and feel softer, smoother and healthier. It's super easy too! Use it as a cleanser with rinsing, or just apply and let it dry!
Skin Balancing Lotion  100% Natural Skin Balancer with Coconut Milk is the ultimate side-effect preventer. It fights dryness and irritation with a level of hydration that's just right for balanced skin.
Relogy Skin Care Swatches

The Dual Action Treatment Foam is bubbly and soft. The Skin Balancing Lotion is silky, lightweight, spreads smoothly, sinks in readily and provides hydration without feeling heavy, greasy or leaving an oily looking sheen on the skin's surface. 

Relogy Skin Care Acne Spot Serum

Targeted Acne Treatment with seaweed extract is free with purchase and is intended as a spot treatment. Pookie got a breakout while test driving this line but he refused to use this serum. He is fussy about treatments after the discomfort of the acne treatments he endured as a teen. Consistent use of the cleansing foam was effective for him so I didn't push the issue. 

So, how does this line perform? My observations of Pookie's skin after he went through the cleanser and moisturizer is that his skin is softer, a little more even toned. The congestion is greatly cleared and eased, pores are cleaner and appear smaller and a bit tighter. His skin texture is somewhat smoother. I have tried to get him to exfoliate but he refuses. His skin is just too sensitive and he dislikes discomfort so... It isn't happening. 

Pookie's notes:

Dual Action Treatment Foam "It's good. It got my face clean."

Skin Balancing Lotion: "It's okay. My face doesn't feel as tight and uncomfortable with it. It's not greasy."

Targeted Acne Treatment: "I'm not going there."

When I asked him if he liked the experience of using this skincare, overall he said that he did. When asked if he would purchase, "Maybe. Do you have any Hot Pockets?" 

If you have congested/acne prone skin I would say, this line is definitely worth giving a go. It seems to be effective, especially at clearing congestion. It isn't harsh, Mr. Sensitive Skin, himself gives it a good grade for gentleness. While my son isn't actively breaking out, he did get a zit that cleared quickly while using these products. 

You can find Relogy Natural Acne Treatment here. The price is $49.95 every 60 days for an Auto Ship program. 

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Relogy Acne Treatment skin care is cruelty free and vegan.

I just went shopping, would you like a Hot Pocket? 

Relogy Skin Care
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