SinfulColors Street Fusion | Swatches and Review

I know it's been a hot minute since I posted polish. And this little collection is going up... Late. My nails have been trashed! I have no idea what has been going on but they have been a mess. I've been struggling with them and I am just now, finally, beginning to get them back in to some acceptable shape for swatching and photographs. I have a lot of polish to catch up on.

SinfulColors is going bright with their new collection, Street Fusion. There are actually twenty-nine shades in this exciting collection of dazzling cremes, eye popping neons and sparkling glitters. I have six to share with you, today.

All six of these polishes are two or three coats but the glitters, which are one coat over a base colour. All swatches are topped with Seche Vite. 

Otaku Anime: A bright, lemon yellow shimmer with the tiniest hit of lime. This one made my camera go rock, crying in a corner. It was a sad sight. This is three thin coats. 

Sky Tree: Teal crelly with blue/purple shifting mini-mini flakies. This baby is so pretty in person! This swatch is two coats.

Fuji Fuji: This sparkling, silver/holo glitter mix is nothing too unique but it is pretty and has a very nice formula.

Maroon Fine: A rusty red crelly with a shifty gold to pink shimmer.

Pink Ansen: This one is very similar to another Sinful pink glitter that I own but it's not the same polish. This barely pink, translucent base is packed with iridescent pink glitter mix including petite bars that don't really look/behave like bars. Pink Ansen has a more fluid formula and is easier to apply. I tested this glitter over the other polishes and I decided to show it over Maroon Fine. I just liked the way these two polishes rub along together. It's an unusual combo that to my eyes, works.

Kiera Blue: A fun, easy wearing royal blue foil. This is two coats, three on my ring and pinkie, because ridges.

The four crellies all have nice, fluid formulas that applied easily. They flow off of their brushes, sit down where I ask them to, Otaku Anime was a tad streaky on the first two coats but was even and smooth by the third. The other three were good in two. I had to add a little extra on ring and pinkie on a couple of polishes only because of my demon ridges.

The glitters applied without giving any trouble, at all. Have plenty on the brush, smooth them up the nails and they will disperse the glitter bits right where you want them with very little additional effort.

This is a fun, super cute little bunch of polishes, the colours are perfect for Summer. Of the six my clear faves are Sky Tree, Maroon Fine and, much to my surprise, Pink Ansen. Which are you drawn to?

SinfulColors retail for $1.99 each and are available at Walgreen's and mass retailers.

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