Soft, Neutral Eye Look Featuring the Sonia Kashuk Sahara Sunset Eye Shadow Palette

A soft, neutral, shimmery eye is sometimes just the thing for a Summer makeup look. 


Have you picked up the Sonia Kashuk Sahara Sunset Desert Escape Eye Shadow Palette, yet? This gorgeous, limited edition for Summer makeup item is definitely worth seeking out in store or tossing into your online cart. That it is being re stocked online as it sells out is encouraging, it should be sticking around for a while but if you are really in love with the idea of it, I wouldn't wait too long. One day, it won't re stock and you'll be kicking yourself. Like I was when I decided to sleep on it before ordering some wildly popular LE makeup items, this last Spring. I'm still mad at myself about that one.

The shadows in this eye palette are so gorgeously soft, velvety and wearable! They apply very easily, blend like a dream and create many different eye looks. I thought I'd share one with you, today.

I started with created brows and primer, of course. The center strip with a firm shader patted on the movable part of my lid, lashline to crease then the edge blended out with a clean blending brush. I flipped the shader and picked up some of the darker strip to the left and patted it softly on the outer half of my movable lid then, using the chiseled edge of the brush, took a little of that same shade under the outer lower quarter of my eye. Blend. I added some of that same shade with a crease brush, blown out along my upper crease and orbital bone then cleaned off the that crease brush and picked up some of the matte aubergine and rocked it in my crease and formed a deeper outer V. Blend. I pulled a tiny bit of the aubergine under the outer quarter of my eye and blend. A little of the lighter copper strip patted and blended on the inner third of my lid toward the center then the lightest strip carefully in the inner corner and a quarter of the way under my eye along the lower lash line. The copper meets the light and deep with the aid of a liner brush. Blend. I highlighted my brow bone with a matte soft ivory shadow I have lying around in a Z-Palette because the rest of my eye look is so shimmery. Blend. Tightline with espresso gel liner and apply mascara.  

I love how perfect for Summer this eye palette is. What eye colours are you reaching for most, this season? Are you going for warm, glowing neutrals? Easy, refreshing cool tones? Delicious brights? Maybe you're mixing it up. I'm trying. I am working on incorporating pops of colour with my neutrals. Sometimes I'm successful, I think. Others, the result is kind of hilarious. I have a couple of pictures lurking in my files...

Talk to me about your favorite Summer eye shadows.