Inflora Botanica Pure Rosewater Mist


inflorabotanica rosewater mist

I love rosewater and Inflora Botanica Pure Rosewater Mist is one of the best I have ever tried. USDA certified organic Rosa Damascena blooms are grown in the famous rose growing region of Isparta, Turkey and distilled in state of the art copper equipment rendering rosewater that is so lush, sweet and pure in scent. The rosewater is packaged in heavy amber glass bottles to protect it from light and air and is topped with a fine mist sprayer top. 

I have a couple of bottles of this rosewater. One lives on my dressing table and does duty as a makeup setting mist. I like to spritz a little on an eye brush to intensify my eye shadow. It is a lovely light spray on facial toner. On days that I want a very light fragrance, I just mist some rosewater on my hair, skin and clothes. This rosewater lingers very softly, it doesn't fly away right away but it isn't obvious or cloying like a synthetic. It certainly isn't going to blow away those around you. I keep a bottle in my fridge and on a hot day, when I'm feeling prickly and steamed, I'll grab it and mist my face, arms and the back of my neck and instantly feel cooler and refreshed. 

Not only is Inflora Botanica Pure Rosewater a gorgeous product, their customer service is lovely. When I ordered my bottle from Amazon, it arrived wrapped in a zip plastic bag having leaked. I was a bit dismayed but, since it was contained, I knew that I could just pour the rosewater from the bag back into the bottle and carry on. Well, what I didn't realize, wasn't careful about was that the rosewater had loosened the label on the bottle and when I picked up the bottle, after removing the sprayer top to hold it over my sink to pour the liquid back in, the label slipped and my bottle fell and more spilled down the front of my cabinet. I ended up losing about a third of my bottle, all told. I e-mailed the shop owner about what happened and she couldn't have been sweeter. We had a very nice e-mail exchange and a new bottle arrived on my doorstep in no time. 

For their beautiful product and their absolutely top flight customer service, I can't recommend Inflora Botanica Pure Rosewater Mist highly enough. 

Inflora Botanica Rosewater is 100% certified organic, cruelty free. 

Do you like and use rosewater in your beauty routine? Do you have a favorite brand? Grow and make your own? Do tell.