Mwah Perfectly Poutable Lip Care | Perfectly Portable for Back to School

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Perfectly portable, perfectly poutable. Mwah lip balms and glosses are made with good for you ingredients like coconut oil and mango butter to pamper your pucker and packaged in bright, fun tubes and sliders that slip right into a pocket, purse or backpack. Affordable, void of harmful chemicals and preservatives, Mwah balms and glosses are cruelty free and produced in a solar powered facility in sunny Southern California. 

Mwah Lip Balms are available in Stick and Slider delivery. Lightweight and moisturizing, they have a soft, sweet scent. Some have a little bit of tint in the packaging but go on clear. These balms are nourishing and softening, are lightly glossy and wear a good little while before they need to be reapplied. 

I didn't photograph my balms open because they arrived a little the worse thanks to our hot Arizona temperatures and sitting outside my door in the sun for hours before I got home and saw that my package had arrived. I tried popping them in my fridge for a bit to see if they would settle back into place but... They are still perfectly good and usable, just not pretty picture-perfect. 

 Mwah Lip Gloss is contained in a typical squeezie tube with an angled plastic tip. The gloss is cushioning and shiny, comfortable and emollient and not at all sticky or heavy. I have two of the glosses; Berrylicious, a shimmery berry pink with a mixed berry scent and flavor and Sugar Lips, a soft, nude-pink with an opalescent shift that smells and tastes like brown sugar frosting. Both glosses have nice coverage on the lips and the lasting power is about typical of a lightweight lip gloss. 

You can visit the Store Locator on the Mwah website or peruse the lip balm section of some of your favorite stores like Walgreens, WalMart, CVS, Meijer, Target, H.E.B and Amazon. They cost just a few dollars each and are available individually and in multi packs. Perfect for stocking up for back to school. 

Have you tried Mwah balms and glosses? 

::sent for consideration/affiliate::