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Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

::affiliate:: I have been using  Cover FX Custom Cover Drops  for some months, now and it is now safe to say that they are a game changer makeup product in my world. As a woman of a certain age who is fussy about coverage, finish, shade and tone and is allergic to chemical sunscreens; finding beautiful, flattering foundations is a real challenge. This one has great coverage but is too drying. That one is the perfect shade and tone but once it sets, falls apart, leaving my face looking like a dried out crocodile suitcase in a Death Valley bus depot. Another is gorgeous in every way but never sets, rubs off on everything and everyone and itches my face something fierce!  Now, that's not to say that there are no foundations out there which I can wear. There are. But hey, a makeup lover needs options, do you feel me? I think that you do. And, I do own a foundation and a CC cream that I adore beyond distraction but I still want those options. And  Cover FX Custom Cover Drops gi