KB Shimmer What are You Wading For?

kb shimmer what are you wading for notes from my dressing table

My holo killing camera did this beautiful periwinkle blue with a dancing linear rainbow holographic effect no true justice. KB Shimmer What are You Wading For? is a day at the pool on my nails. Application is, like with every KB Shimmer polish I have the privilege to own a pure pleasure. The formula is flawless, flowing off of their perfect brush, sweeping up the nail and never giving me trouble. I don't get long wear time from this brand, but... I don't really get long wear time from any brand. My nails shed off polish quickly. It isn't rare for even long wearing brands to chip in a day. My nails are rebellious little suckers. 

So, I had this beautiful polish on for a couple of days, had to do a little touch up work when I got the bug up that I wanted to do some nail art. I grabbed some nail vinyls, crystals and my bottle of ILNP Mega and got to it. I made a mistake when placing the tail of the spiral on my left index nail and I almost cleaned all of my nails in a snit because glaring mistake. But I made myself live with the flawed beauty of it for a few more days. I felt it was a growing experience. I finished my flawed art with crystals in the center of each spiral and a coat of Seche Vite. Again, my photos don't even begin to show you how gorgeous the holo crazy was on my nails. 

kb shimmer what are you wading for nail art notes from my dressing table

Photographing holographic polishes is my continuing challenge. I will figure it out, eventually. I see photos of holos and I know that it can be done. I just need to find that right balance of light, angle, settings and it will click. 

What do you think of  these two beautiful polishes? Do you own either? Do you make yourself wear nail art that you screw up?