SinfulColors Back to School

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Just in time to be late on the Back to School wave, I present nine of the SinfulColors polishes for Back to School. I had ten... Don't ask me what happened to tenth one. I was working on rearranging my blogging studio/beauty room (oh yeah, I am now one of those people) and one of my Sinfuls decided to take a header. I don't know where it went. I hope that where ever it is, it's having a good time. Maybe it'll text me... 

sinfulcolors back to school

My swatches are, uncharacteristically for me, on a nail wheel. My nails are trashed, again. My nails are having themselves a moment, right now. I won't bore you... Let's just get on with the polishes, they are far prettier than my whining about my stupid nails. 

Running clockwise:
  • Purple Diamond:  A semi sheer lavender glass fleck shimmer. Pretty alone and layered.
  • Ice Blue: Semi Sheer blurple sparkly layerable. 
  • Rebel Rose: Deep fuchsia rose shimmer opaque in two coats. 
  • Why Not: Cadet blue creme. Opaque in two coats.
  • Burst of Fresh Flair: Bright yellow shimmer that is opaque in two coats.
  • 24/7: Deep pink creme. Opaque in two coats. Topped with Sinful Sunrise, an iridescent flakie topper in a sheer pink base.
  • Pink Break: Demi Matte dusty pink. Opaque in two coats. 
  • VIPeach: Isn't peach, it's yellow, another Demi Matte, also opaque in two coats. 
SinfulColors has recently stepped their formula game back up and their polishes are up to the standard that made me fall in love with this brand, years ago and I'm happy to see that. All of these polishes except for the Demi Mattes apply easily and smoothly, no running, pooling, dragging or bubbling. Dry time is good. Top with a fast dry top coat for faster dry time and the best shine of your life. As ever, I suggest Seche Vite. 

The Demi Mattes require a bit of care on application. Make sure you have plenty of polish on the brush, apply deftly and get your coat on in as few strokes possible. Let the first coat dry a few minutes then apply your second coat, if you need it. 

Have you picked up any of these polishes? Tried the Demi Mattes? You can find SinfulColors Back to School and many beautiful SinfulColors polishes at Walgreen's and  WalMart. 
::sent for consideration::