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BFTE Fall/Hallowe'en Bite Me Collection is a beauty! Comprised of four custom created matte and shimmer shades this limited edition lineup is not to be missed!

Ready to take a look? Don't be afraid, I'm here. Take my hand, now and come this way.

Children of the Night: Shhh... Listen... Can you hear it? The soft, beguiling laughter of little ones floating out of that dark corner? NO! Don't go over there! This shadow is frightening in it's ability to lure you in, like that laughter with it's top note of copper sparkles and the shimmering purple base but beware! There is a deep heart of darkness! Apply a bit of primer then pat this in place and get ready to feel like a kid, again. If you dare...

Vlad the Impaler: Thought to be the father of all vampires, he must have commissioned this, the perfect polished wood to construct his daylight resting place. Richly padded and lined in the finest of silk, it could be nothing less, don't you think? Embrace this soft, warm saddle tan shimmer with tiny flecks of starry magiks that will spark your eyes with soft warmth.

NOS4A2: Ahh... You delicate, innocent flower. So soft. So sweet. So delicious. The perfect ending to the perfect night, then rest, my darling, until we meet, at sunset to walk together, forever in your new day. A gentle golden peach with a shift that defies explanation. use this on your eyes or cheeks... It is beguiling and a little confusing. It looks tan in the jar... Pink/nude on my skin. It's kind of incredible.

Grave Matters: Use care where you dig, you fool! As you go deeper, you will discover that which you feared most you would. Are you certain you are ready? Loam gives way to dense, moist earth. This matte, solid brown will cut your crease, line your lashes, deepen your outer corners frightfully delightfully.

Buy the Collection, if you have the nerve, in four full size jars for $21.00 or obtain four snack sized jars (the option I chose because let's face it, when will I ever use up that much mineral eye shadow!) for a very tasty $8.00.

BFTE Cosmetics is a woman owned, independent cosmetics company deeply committed to producing beautiful, ethical cosmetics. BFTE cosmetics are cruelty free, gluten free, many are vegan, as well.

Are you a fan of this thoughtful, beautifully hand crafted line? Did you pick up this collection? Might you? What are your favorites? Please tell.

BFTE Bite Me Collection for Hallowe'en 2015


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